Anantkumar Hedge was sworn in as the Minister of State for Skill Development in the latest Cabinet shuffle. He shared his happiness regarding being appointed as a Minister on his Twitter account. Over the course of six tweets, he thanked the Prime Minister, people from his Uttar Kannada constituency, BJP President Amit Shah and the party itself. However, as one scrolls down his Twitter timeline, some of his tweets raise grave question marks over his appointment as a Minister.

Case 1: Fakery

Anantkumar Hegde probably jnu is the only university which accomodates such intimacy between teacher & student

In the image above, not only is the Minister pushing a fake narrative, he seems to have an issue with a man and a woman having a friendly relationship. Report by ABP News on this issue states, “We found that the woman in photograph was not a teacher but a research scholar named Somya Mani Tripathi. The woman had shared the picture on her Facebook profile, in which Kanhaiya and she were sharing a friendly laughter. She had uploaded the pictures on March 5. Some miscreants took out the picture and shared the derogatory post. She later clarified on her Facebook post that she didn’t find laughing with her friend wrong.

He’s tweeted multiple times attacking JNU. He also retweeted a tweet which said, “Bring in Army and Crush these A**holes” while referring to students of Ramjas college. So, we now have a Union Minister who wants to ‘crush’ rebellious students with the Army.

Case 2: Views on Islam, Christianity and Buddhism

Islam needs to be held by its horn, Church is just a commercially operated Religious conversion platform, and if not for Buddhism, Akhand Bharat could have been realized – These are his views on religion in a multi-cultural, multi-religious country like India of which he is a Central Minister now.

Here are his views on Ayodhya.

anantkumar hegde Its time for #Muslims to decide having either #Peace or rake upon #Moghul ancestry against #Hindu unity towards #newindia #Ayodhya

Further, in a press conference, he had stated, “Till the time Islam exists in the world, no one can stop terrorism. If we want to keep a place like Bhatkal peaceful, then we should throw Islam away from this world and we should shut Islam.

Case 3: Loves the word “Presstitute”

Presstitute is a derogatory term which is essential a combination of Press+Prostitute. The Minister uses it routinely on his Twitter timeline.

Anantkumar hegde only a true presstitute like bdutt can term Kashmir as Indian Kashmir.

Photo captions are usually added by editors based on feedback from photographers. Here the Minister holds Barkha Dutt responsible for a photo caption while referring to her as presstitute.

In another tweet, he was found outraging about a fake news report about Dawood Ibrahim being killed and suggesting that “presstitutes and bollywood actresses” would feel tremendous loss. Why attack only actresses and not actors even if you are livid about Bollywood’s connection with Dawood?

Anantkumar hedge sure many presstitutes & bollywood actress would feel tremendous loss

He also wants journalist Rana Ayyub under surveillance for her ‘anti-national’ misdeeds. This tweet came a few days after Rana Ayyub’s book Gujarat Files was released.

Anantkumar hegde ranaayyub should be under surveillance for anti-national misdeeds

Case 4: Indira Gandhi is Maimuna Begum

In this tweet, Mr Hegde refers to Indira Gandhi as Maimuna Begaum, a name that fake news sites like PostCard News often use for Indira Gandhi.

Anantkumar Hegde: No mention of Nehru Maimunabegum & their buffoons in inaugural speech of rashtrapatibhavan & thus heralds a new tradition.

Associating a Muslim name to political leader is not limited to Indira Gandhi. In another tweet, he refers to Mamta Banerjee as Mumtaz.

No Hindu is safe in Mumtaz's Bengal

Addressing Indira Gandhi as Maimuna Begaum and Mamta Banerjee as Mumtaz is what trolls on Twitter do. Here we have a Union Minister doing the same. Also, it yet again shows his mindset towards Muslims since he thinks that addressing a person with a Muslim name brings down his/her character.

In real life too, Mr Hegde’s career hasn’t been short of controversies. Recently, he was caught on camera thrashing a Doctor at Karnataka Hospital as reported by NewsMinute.

It is shocking that a person with so much apparent hate for various religions has been chosen to be a minister in a multi-cultural country like ours. It is shocking that a man who retweets tweets wanting to ‘crush’ students and thinks that a woman laughing with a man is to be looked down upon has chosen to be a minister. Out of 280 BJP MPs, is this the talent that PM Modi has ‘thoughtfully’ chosen to be the Minister of Skill Development?

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24 Comments on "Newly sworn Minister Anantkumar Hegde’s Twitter account gives a peek into his mindset"

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Saeed Kola

“It is shocking that a person with so much apparent hate for various religions…”
It is sad? Yes.
Shocking? No.
He’s not the first Islamophobic BJP leader to be promoted this way.

Deepak Joshi

Maybe his language was crude but point he was making about Islam was not wrong. Moderate Muslims are very few & they dare not speak against terrorist & clergy. Terrorist do what is prescribe in Holy book. Till time moderate Muslims of world do not come together & do not rectify holy book, delete all violent verse/chapter, ban polygamy, sex with slave, etc terrorism will not stop. Terrorist organization use holy scripture to legitimize terror against non believer. In other religion fundamentalists are fringe element but in Islam moderates are fringe element.


Another Hate mongering sanghi spotted. Your hatred for Islam. Quran is not like Manu-smriti It doesnot prescirbe any hatred.. If you don’t believe me just look at yur hero’s Ge bakshi’s TIMES Now debate on 1st September 2017. Till then I am enjoying my steak

Harry Warren

Hindus don’t use Manusmriti as their rule book. Where as Holy Quran is used as rule book. Besides as a Hindu I know that Manusmriti has been doctored by Britishers and reject any irrelevant phrases. Ready to put it aside for humanity. But, are you ready to put aside your pedophile glorifying and war mongering and woman slandering book?

Navtej Singh

Ask Modi-Shah, Pravin Togadia and RSS Chief to come live on TVs and declare what you are saying.

Satyameva Jayathe

Another Jihaadi spotted. Every time someone brings up legitimate issue of radical islam, these jihaadis start complaining.

Without proper knowledge alledging anyone anything is easy.. but for bhkt anything is possible like cow shitt valuable than kohenoor. gober can protect against radiation.. lol. firstly u said that bjp minister point is not wrong.. this sttmnt shows that u r narrow minded u . spreading hate against any religion is not acceptable . moderate muslim are always against any type of injustice it is you who never want to see other side of coin.. many muslim organisations runing anti terrorism movement like sufi confrence . issueing verdict against terrorism. awaring ppl around them . publishing various books against… Read more »
Mr. Deepak Joshi, friend i believe u have to study a bit more from authentic sources about Islam rather than propaganda news over fb, whatsapp and other websites. I’m a muslim and i know these things(sex wid slaves, child abuse, illegal polygamy, talaq by just speaking it 3 times, killing of others who do not follow ur view) are strictly prohibited and are considered haram in Islam. Now about ur loint that Mr. Hegde’s points are just irrespective of his Harsh language is wrong if u believe in our constitution being secular. He is simply passing a very irresponsive hate… Read more »
your accusation on islam is just a cheap overrepeated fake propaganda on social media by pro bjp and likes. anyone reading just 2 pages of holly quran will realise that the truth is so beautifull and the fake propaganda is so ugly the real problem is that untill there gonna be people like you who wants to hate islam unconditionaly will never ever going to self check the authenticity of the claims ,why? that is because there is a relationship between those who r doing this fake propanganda and those who are believing in it , their hearts are similr… Read more »
Most importantly u should realize that , terrorist do what is not prescribed in the holy book , every Muslim should know their scripture so that they can’t be manipulated by terrorists. You can expect your thoughts to be fulfilled only if your religious books delete the voilence texts now don’t tell that any religious book on the Earth does not have voilence texts be mahabarata killings , story’s of voilence mentioned in Bible , Krishna keeping concubines for sex satisfaction or poligamy u call it or Abraham marrying more wives or story’s of incest in the Bible. So watch… Read more »
Raj Baral
Pratik Sir you did great job through this article but don’t underestimate Mr. Anant Kumar Hegde, these are his skillful qualifications to get this job. Mr. Namo and his partner Amit Shah conducted a exam for this job and there were three suitable candidates who participated in the exam named Anant kumar Hegde, Sambit Patra and Amit Malviya. Amongst them Anant Kumar Hegde was the topper of that exam and above mentioned cases was his research paper contents and examiners finalized his paper with distinction remark with result that he got the job. In next reshuffle of cabinet, there be… Read more »

Whats wrong? In fact, this is the natural reaction of most of Indians todaybarring some black sheeps. However, as a minister, he will have the maturity not to let his personal hard feelings to cloud his actions. Indian Govt may be plural. But Indians need not be. We didn’t have the freedom of choice to put in place a Constitution we wanted. It was foisted. We still respect it and would wait for our time to change it the way the majority is comfortable with it. Period.

Uneet Kumar Singh

Hmmm !! “the way the majority is comfortable with it”. I thought majoritarianism was a negative concept ! But no this is #NewIndia where constitution needs to change at whims of Majority ! Kudos !!


It isn’t something new Sir. World over, all countries do this. Only India was tolerant .. wait no, foolish so far in allowing all and sundry to enter & foul its culture. Nothing wrong if the tribe with such a long heritage and proud history wants to put its foot down emphatically. The rats who were enjoying patronage of dishonest politicians have to flee like Rohingyas now!


So if dalits say we are majority among Hindus, and hence we should rule the country, what would you say?

This is not to say we were a perfect society all along. We also evolve and reform. Indians have largely integrated and the process is on. Compared to the violent racism & barbarism that existed in the west that encouraged slaves and refused dignity to fellow humans with untold atrocities committed on a mass scale, the Indian castism would pale into a very soft error that can of course be corrected. Haven’t Americans adjusted to the Africans after centuries of enslaving them? Haven’t Europe reformed after being so inhuman and barbaric? So can we. Coming to your point of dalits… Read more »

Welcome to the club then. You did say peace or harmony earlier. You talked majority and imposing their will didn’t you, until you were reminded davits would be majority. Pathetic little liar you are.p

NV Bhat

He has been elected to Loksabha for so many terms by his people with the hope for good work for community and constituency, but has done little. Most of his voters have a dim view of him but vote him in because the other candidate is worse, always. Politically he is such a lightweight in Karnataka. Pity that he has been selected as one of the representatives of Karnataka in Union cabinet.

Navtej Singh

This is wonderful effort to aware the people about the reality versus the presentation. But the people need to know MODI-SHAH from 2001 till now. Rakesh Sharma tried his best by exploring Moditava in his documentary Final Solution in 2002 but later on Big Corporations chosen him their MAN to rule the nation. The vast majority of channels and newspapers became obedient.

Ed Ray

This Hegde fellow is supposed to the new Central Minister for Skills. How pathetic !
His tweets stamp him as coarse, unsophisticated, bigoted and intellectually vacuous.
But aren’t most of the BJPwalas like him?


What can u expect? Actually this hatred is his skill which got him ministry


here Also they are try to make hindu muslim. Yes All muslim should be jihadi. We feel proud as a jehadi. we can’t se wrong eye any women. It’s call nafs Ka jihad. we have to help poor it’s call dunate jhihad. We can’t see any yateem we have to help them we have to care who don’t have father mother. it’s call care jihad. I can’t see parent in old house i have take them with me and my family it’s Taqwa jhihad. Have you dare to This all jihad..


Hats off to to Judge. Need to follow him. He’s been very bold in bringing out the facts…
All these years Hindus were sleeping. But now have started to wake up.
It’s right time for Hindus to stand up and fight for their rights.
We need to fight against pseudo secular and pseudo rational thinkers.

Abhash Kumar
Complaint against PMKVY Training Provider ” SARVA COMPUTER SAKSHARTA EDUCATION AND SOCIAL WELFARE SOCIETY ” INDORE ( MP) Abhash Kumar 8:07 AM (2 minutes ago) to pratik Dear Sir/Mam Kind Attn: Honorable, Minister , New Delhi I am writing on behalf of “BHABHA SCIENCE COACHING” SAMASTIPUR (BIHAR) I have been authorized as a ” TRAINING CENTER ” of PMKVY 2.0 registered as a franchise under the above mentioned “TRAINING PROVIDER” from we currently running 4 batches under field of “TELECOM SECTOR” (CUSTOMER CARE EXECUTIVE CALL CENTER) Course. our batch details & file attached with this letter. we have received a… Read more »