A purported video of a Hindu woman barging into a mosque and disrupting Eid prayers in Virginia, USA, is being circulated widely on social media platforms. It is being claimed that this woman also raised Islamophobic slogans and was later arrested by the police. It is also being said in the viral claim that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP are poisoning Indian minds living outside the country as well. Twitter handle ‘@naeemarshadch’ tweeted this video with a similar claim. (Archived link)

Verified Twitter handle ‘@Saudi_News77’ also shared the video with the same claim. (Archived link)

A portal named Avaaz 24 also covered the incident, claiming that a Hindu woman created a ruckus during Eid Prayers at a mosque in the United States. (Archived link)

Several users promoted the video on Facebook और Twitter with a similar claim. Twitter user ‘@niayayakkural’ also posted the visuals with a Tamil caption. (Archived link)

A number of other users also tweeted the video claiming the woman seen here was Hindu. However, these tweets were later deleted. Screenshots of a few such posts have been given below.

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Fact Check

Alt News performed a keyword search using terms related to the video, which led us to a Facebook post. The post states that a mentally ill Muslim woman created a ruckus at the mosque of the All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) Center during Eid prayers on April 21 in Virginia.

Based on this information, we did further research on ‘ADAMS’. We found that on April 22, the body issued a statement in a Facebook post about this incident. According to the post, “The recent incident at the mosque on April 21 Eid prayer involved an individual from the Muslim community struggling with mental health issues.” It is also mentioned here that the woman’s family members sincerely asked for forgiveness following this incident. At the same time, they requested those who posted this video to delete it from social media. Finally, it stated that ADAMS leadership and social services met and were working with the family to provide additional resources and help.

At the same time, we used photos on Google Maps to confirm that this video was indeed from the mosque of Virginia’s All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS).

Alt News co-founder Mohammad Zubair also clarified the truth behind the incident in his replies to some of the viral tweets. (Link 1, Link 2, Link 3)

To sum it up, a video of a mentally ill Muslim woman disrupting prayers at a mosque in Virginia, was falsely circulated with the claim that a Hindu woman purposely created a ruckus due to her hatred towards the Muslim community.

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Kinjal Parmar holds a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology. However, her keen interest in journalism, drove her to pursue journalism from the Indian Institute of Mass Communication. At Alt News since 2019, she focuses on authentication of information which includes visual verification, media misreports, examining mis/disinformation across social media. She is the lead video producer at Alt News and manages social media accounts for the organization.