Actor Kangana Ranaut posted a picture of a fruit smoothie bowl that soon became a topic of ridicule on Twitter.

Several users poked fun at Ranaut for allegedly lifting a Google image and passing it off as her own. Among the firsts to tweet was the handle @HRxFan_boy. He uploaded a screenshot of Google reverse image search results where the same smoothie bowl appears on an Australian website He later took down his tweet but an archived link can be accessed here.

Soon after several people began mocking the actress.

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Google search result morphed

The screenshot of the search result widespread has been morphed. Readers can reverse search the image uploaded by Ranaut and cross-verify. Another way to check if carries the same photograph is Google advance search. The search operator that we used is ‘fruit AND bowl’. The easiest however is a keyword search. Readers can simply type the description visible on the viral screenshot ‘spring acai bowl’ and find that the corresponding image is different.

A comparison of the fruit smoothie bowl that comes up on search results and the morphed results has been posted below.

Ranaut also took to Twitter to debunk the misinformation and uploaded other pictures of the bowl.

She also uploaded a picture of the table where the bowl was placed.

A morphed Google search result was therefore used to claim that actor Kangana Ranaut attempted to pass off Google image as her own preparation of a fruit smoothie bowl.

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