No, Mumbai airport is not flooded – Old video from Mexico shared on social media

It is the time of the year when rains are wreaking havoc in Mumbai and social media is expectedly full of pictures and videos of flooded roads. A Twitter handle called @TheNewsJockey that claims to be “everything your average newspaper isn’t” has shared a video on July 10 of what it claimed was a flooded Mumbai airport. “Mumbai Airport flooded. Flightsdelayed and cancelled. Please check your flight status online before heading to
the airport”, tweeted the handle.

Many social media users have fallen for the video and shared it on Twitter. Not surprising, because flooding of an airport is a serious matter and they saw the video of the inundated airport. “This is Bombay airport. India’s economic capital did I hear someone say?! Govt being so focused on fitness, decided FDI officials must swim to the island city on landing,” tweeted one user while another called for “Three cheers for Modi!!!

This video is also being shared on Facebook claiming it to be Mumbai airport.

Is the Mumbai Airport really flooded?

Many social media users were quick to point out that this was not the case. The airport was functioning normally. The website of the Mumbai airport or its social media handles have not circulated any alerts for the travelers either.

Alt News used InVid Chrome Plugin to break up the video into individual frames and found that the video originally belongs to Mexico and was shot at the Mexico City International Airport.

The video was posted by multiple Mexican news outlets on their Twitter accounts on August 31st, 2017.

The Official Twitter handle of Mexico City International Airport had also tweeted on August 31, 2017 stating that the take-off and landing of flights had been suspended due to weather conditions.

This video was also shared in the past

In the past too, this video was circulated claiming that it is the Miami Airport. Ironically, it was Director of Social Media, White House who had put out this misleading video. He later deleted his tweet.

The official Miami Airport Twitter account had responded stating that it wasn’t Miami airport.

Social media users need to be careful before sharing everything they come across on social media. It is unlikely that an unknown Twitter handle with 39 followers that claims to be “everything your average newspaper isn’t” and “live news for those live souls who like to read news with the extra punch” is bringing you authentic content. Mumbai airport is not flooded. It would make big news and there would be an official advisory if that were to happen. So, think before you retweet. Spreading unnecessary panic through such rumor mongering is not going to help the residents of a city who are already struggling to cope with the deluge.

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