On March 23, The Indian Express reported that Bengaluru police brought a man from Tamil Nadu to Karnataka for issuing death threats to high court judges over the hijab verdict. Cubbon Park police registered the FIR after a video clip surfaced on social media that showed him speaking in Tamil and issuing death threats to three judges, including Chief Justice Ritu Raj Awasthi. The man has been identified as Rahamathulla, a native of Madurai.

Five days later, a clip of a man being arrested by police began circulating along with the song ‘Srivalli’ from the Telugu-language film ‘Pushpa’ that was released last year. It has been claimed that the video shows the arrest of Rahamathulla.

Several Facebook users have shared this video as well.

Unrelated video

Using reverse image search, found that the viral video was shared on March 15 addressing the man as Amjad Lala.

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Posted by Narendra Rathore on Tuesday, 15 March 2022

We used ‘Amjad Lala’ as the keyword and found several reports of his arrest. As per Dainik Bhaskar, the incident took place in Madhya Pradesh. Amjad Lala (42) had a bounty of Rs 65,000 on him. Lala was charged with various criminal cases like murder, kidnapping and smuggling.

Mandsaur police SP Anurag Sajania said in a video statement that the police were trying to nab Lala since 2016. Lala was found with drugs worth Rs 1 lakh in his possession when he was arrested.

To sum it up, a clip showing an arrest in Madhya Pradesh was shared with a false claim that it shows the arrest of the Tamil Nadu-based man who recently issued death threats to three judges in Karnataka after the hijab verdict.

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