A series of four images is viral on social media with the claim that a cow was slaughtered on top of an Indian tricolour in Kashmir. One of the photos shows the flag in flames with a dead animal lying next to it. The remaining three show a group of wounded police officers.

The images and accompanying claims were also circulated on Facebook and Instagram. The same photos were shared on Twitter back in 2019 with the identical message.

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Alt News has received a few requests to verify the photos on our mobile app and WhatsApp helpline number.

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In this article, we will provide the context behind each of the images separately.

First image

We performed a reverse image search, which led us to an article dated July 13, 2011, carrying the first photo. The website, named the People’s Daily Online, states that the image was taken during clashes between Congress workers and police personnel in Agartala, Tripura. It also states that one person died as a result of the violence.

Second image

Using a reverse image search, Alt News found a high-quality version of the second photo in a 2015 tweet. The tweet states that the photo was taken in Pakistan. The Pakistani flag and a billboard with ‘DIGGER’ written on it are also visible in the background.

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Upon further research, we came to know found that DIGGER is a Pakistani footwear brand. We also found the image posted on AFP dated March 23, 2015. It is stated on AFP’s website that activists burned an Indian flag during a demonstration in Quetta, Pakistan.

Third image

Alt News performed a reverse image search, which led us to a Deccan Chronicle report dated June 17, 2014, carrying this photo. The man in the image has been identified as then-DIG Vijay Singh Meena. The accompanying article states that a demonstration was held in Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh following the murder of two constables during which several police officers sustained injuries.

Fourth image

A Jammu-Kashmir police badge can be seen on the uniform of the police officer in this image.

On June 6, 2015, Deccan Chronicle reported that clashes broke out between Sikh protestors and police personnel in Jammu and Kashmir after police removed posters of a function in the Sikh majority Rani Bagh area.

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Furthermore, there have been no reports of the Indian flag being burned in Kashmir recently.

The same set of images have been circulating online since 2019 despite being fact-checked by a number of outlets including Aaj Tak.

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