Post Bharatiya Janata Party’s victory in the recent Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, a photograph of a building is being shared on social media claiming that it is the New York stock exchange.

In the photograph, a digital display showcasing news headlines can be seen on the building. One of the headlines read “Modi wins landslide election victory in India’s biggest state”. Based on this, it is also being claimed that the recent win by the party has put India in the limelight on the world map.

The photo has been shared by multiple users on Twitter.

The same image is viral on Facebook as well with the same caption.

Fact check

On performing a reverse image search on the viral image, we found out that this photo is not of the New York Stock Exchange. An image of the same building is available on Alamy, and it is of the Reuters Building at Canary Wharf, UK.

We performed a keyword search based on the text on the digital display and found a news report by Reuters from March 2017. The report had the same headline as the one seen in the viral image. It was related to the BJP’s win at the 2017 Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, where the party collected as many as 312 seats out of 403.

Furthermore, we also found a tweet by the in charge of BJP’s National Information & Technology Department, Amit Malviya from March, 2017, with the same image. The location mentioned in his tweet is that of the Reuters Building and was shared in context of BJP’s win at the 2017 Uttar Pradesh assembly elections.

Therefore, the image in circulation is an old image from 2017 and is not related to the recent UP polls.

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