A set of images is being shared on social media with the claim that these depict women from the Hindu community attacked during Delhi riots. Facebook user Manju Singh posted the images with the narrative, “दिल्ली के मौजपुर,शिव विहार इलाकों के हिंदू घरों में घुस-घुसकर, माँ-बहनें को मारा-काटा गया. कैसा भाईचारा.?? थू है ऐसे इस्लामिक कट्टरपंथ पर (In Delhi’s Maujpur and Shiv Vihar area, [they] forcefully entered Hindu homes and butchered [our] mothers and sisters. Shame on such Islamic fundamentalism -translated).” Two images show a woman with deep cuts on her back while the third image showed women lying on the floor with blood all around them.

It may be noted that these images are being circulated in the backdrop of ongoing communal riots in northeast Delhi which have reportedly taken lives of at least 38 people.

Many individuals on Facebook and Twitter have shared the images with the same narrative.

It is also being shared on WhatsApp.


Alt News reverse searched these images on Google and here is what we found.

Image 1 & 2

We had debunked these two images in October 2018 when they were shared with the false claim that Hindu women were attacked by Muslim men in Bihar. In fact, it was found that a woman was attacked by a man named Sandeep Giri on her way back from a temple. He assaulted her with a knife when the woman rejected his advances. This incident took place in Kateya, Gopalganj in Bihar. Giri was later arrested by the police. Read our detailed fact-check here.

Image 3 & 4

We found that these images are old and unrelated. Both the images have existed on the internet before communal violence broke out in Delhi this month. The image on the left was located in a 2018 YouTube video whereas the image on the right existed in a 2015 blog. However, Alt News couldn’t verify specific details about the two images.

Suffice to say, old and unrelated images showing severely injured woman were shared on social media with the false narrative that these images depict Hindu women attacked by members of the Muslim community during the ongoing Delhi riots.

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