Two videos of members of the Muslim community taking out processions have been shared with the claim that Muslims in the UK are demanding that the country be transformed into an Islamic state.

Video 1


इंग्लंडमधील मुस्लीम समाजाने इंग्लंड हा इस्लामिक राष्ट्र घोषित करा अशी मागणी केली जात आहे. इंग्लंडमधील मूळ रहिवाशी आधी झोपले होते, आता लोकसंख्या प्रमाणाबाहेर वाढल्याने ही मागणी होत आहे, अशी वेळ भारतावर येऊ नये आता तरी जागे व्हा..

आपला समाज आपला धर्म आपली बायको पोरं आपला देश सुरक्षित ठेवण्याचा असेल तर हिंदूंनो वेळीच जागे व्हा अन्यता आज जे इंग्लंड मधे होत आहे ते आपल्या देशात होता कामा नये, नाही तर आपला हाल अफगानिस्तान सारखा होईल, अफगाणिस्तान च्या मुसलमानांसाठी ५६ इस्लामी राष्ट्र आहेत पण आपल्या साठी एकमेव देश आहे ते म्हणजे भारत, जागे व्हा बस.. 🙏

जय श्रीराम
जय हिंदुराष्ट्र.. 🚩

Posted by Ravi Gone on Friday, 22 October 2021

Alt News has received multiple requests for the clip.

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A person on a stage can be heard saying in the video, “This is our first message to the Parliament. People are making laws in Parliament. This is our first step. We have gathered here. We are expressing our concern. You as (unintelligible) Parliament should listen to the peace-loving people of Britain, British citizens. We are proud to be British citizens and we need our rights. And the most important right for the people living in Britain is the order and respect of the Prophet Muhammad.”

Demonstrators can be seen holding placards on the street including ones that says “the Prophet is dearer to us than our parents” and “we love Prophet Muhammad”.


Alt News identified the location in the video. The demonstration was held outside the House of Lords. Richard Coeur de Lion, the statue of the 12th-century English monarch Richard I, located outside the Palace of Westminster in London, facing the entrance of the House of Lords, was the identifier.

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A keyword search on YouTube took us to a video of the same demonstration. The video is from 2012 and the channel says that a protest was held against an “anti-Islam” film outside the House of Parliament in London. The same visuals can be spotted in this video, including the “We love Prophet Muhammad” poster on the stage.

A photo of the protest on Stock photo agency Alamy shows a large screen at the protest site displaying the stage where the ‘We love Prophet Muhammad’ poster is visible. The protest was held on October 6, 2012 against the movie ‘Innocence of Muslims’.

The release of the short film in 2012 sparked protests in the Middle East, North America and Asia. The film was directed by an American filmmaker. Several people died during the protests. The film allegedly denigrated Islam and Prophet Muhammad.

Last year, after the Paris beheading, a video of violent protests against ‘Innocence of Muslims’ in Sudan, was falsely shared as the French embassy in Sudan set ablaze in reaction to Samuel Paty depicting cartoons of Prophet Muhammad. After Nizamuddin Markaz was identified as a COVID-19 hotspot in April 2020, Tarek Fatah had also shared a video of a protest against the movie in Pakistan as recent. He shared the video without context.

Video 2

Another video of a procession taken out by the Muslim community was shared with the claim that they came out in large numbers in England and demanded that the country be declared an Islamic state.


*इंग्लंडमधील मुस्लीम समाजाने इंग्लंड हा इस्लामिक राष्ट्र घोषित करा अशी मागणी केली आहे.इंग्लंडमधील मूळ रहिवाशी आधी झोपले होते आता लोकसंख्या प्रमाणाबाहेर वाढल्याने ही मागणी झालेली आहे अशी वेळ भारतावर येऊ नये आता तरी जागे व्हा*

Posted by Anil D Chandwadkar on Saturday, 23 October 2021

Alt News has also received verification requests for this video.


A banner in the video reads, “Birthday celebrations of our Holy Prophet Muhammad. Eid Milad-un-Nabi”. This itself proves that the clip doesn’t show an “Islamic take over” of the UK. Another banner shows ‘Leicester’ written on it.

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On October 16, a Facebook page had uploaded the video with a caption stating, “MAULIDUR RASUL (prophet’s birthday) in the city of LEICESTER, England.”


MAULIDUR RASUL dikota LEICESTER , Inggris stlh Solat Jum’at kemarin tgl 15/10/2021. Masya Allah !

Posted by ‎محمود الوصابي – Mahmoud Al Wosabi‎ on Saturday, 16 October 2021

Alt News also found a live video of the procession from Leicester. The video is from October 10. The similarities have been numbered as follows:

1. The flag with inscriptions in front.

2. Another green flag carried by a boy.

3. A black car.

4. A banner behind the car.

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The Facebook page of Islamic Centre Leicester (Leicester Central Mosque) had announced the procession on October 7. The procession was held on October 10 starting at the Leicester Mosque (Sutherland Street) and concluding at the Leicester Mosque (Conduit Street).

Two unrelated videos from the UK, one from a protest in 2012 linked to an “anti-Islam” movie and another recently shot on Eid Milad, have been shared with the false claim that Muslims in the UK took to the streets to demand that the country be declared an Islamic state.

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