Trend Alert: #JhoothiCongress was the title of a Google document shared by BJP MP Paresh Rawal on Twitter. The document which listed a number of instances of alleged duplicity of the Congress party was put out by Rawal at 3:40 pm on February 27.

#JhoothiCongress was the theme of the synchronised political assault that was to be launched by the BJP both on and off social media. This was tweeted by BJP IT Cell head Amit Malviya.

The Google document was a list of tweets that the party members were supposed to tweet with the hashtag #JhoothiCongress. The tweets were in both English and Hindi, and encompassed a number of issues on which the Congress party was to be targeted.

This was apparently supposed to be an internal document for the party and its (IT cell) members and was not meant to be shared publicly. Realising he probably jumped the gun, Paresh Rawal later deleted his tweet although it was too late, as damage control does not go unnoticed on social media. The Google Document now cannot be accessed freely as it could be earlier and throws up a “Request Access” intermediary page.

The tweets that were listed in the Google Document were pushed out (copy-pasted) in a coordinated fashion at the designated time with the #JhoothiCongress hashtag.

Soon enough, #JhoothiCongress hashtag was trending on Twitter.

This propensity for manufacturing trends on social media has been observed in the past as well. Alt News had exposed how a Google document for trending #DemonetisationSuccess had circulated on social media, providing instructions on what and how to tweet, and what hashtags to use. There are a number of such examples. A few screenshots of requests to trend hashtags from WhatsApp groups that bear allegiance to BJP have been posted below.

BJP trends

The link to the document is usually shared on various platforms, including WhatsApp. The themes centre around either denigrating the opposition or eulogising a political party or leader. These documents provide a glimpse into the manner in which opinions are sought to be shaped, and suggest an organised effort at manipulating the social media space to create trends.

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8 Comments on "Paresh Rawal’s gaffe exposes party’s social media tactic"

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cogress h hi gaddaro ki party

Sandeep Bansal

Lol, idiot!!!

samer attari

Congress currupt hai, chor bhi hai, lekin gaddar to wo huye na jinhone angrezon ke talwe chate, angrezon ko ka sath dia, swatantrta andolan me hissa ni lia , jasusi karke krantikarion ko pakadwaya aur chndrashekhar azad se unke andolan ko anti british se hata kar anti muslim karne ko kaha bhagat singh ke case ki fee ke badle, shaheedon ke shav cardboard me bheje aur ek terrorists tirangebme lapetne diya aur mantri usko shradhnjli dene pahunch gaye

Rakesh Agrawal

Paresh Rawal is a shameless sanghi who has lost all sense of fairness and has a sick mind and must be exposed.


Manufacturing trends in the twitter through the scripted messages is a well known way of functioning of the BJP/ RSS IT cell for the last few years. However, in some cases, when their one or the other leader leaks it inadvertently in the social media, their tactics is exposed in the public domain.
Best option for the social media users today is to simply ignore these cheap propaganda materials as they have only some scrap value.

raj asrondkar
#JhoothiBjp *अति केलं नि हसू झालं !!!* अशी काहीशी अवस्था भाजपाची झालीय. सोशल मिडिया आणि चाटुकार मिडियाचा अत्यंत लबाड पध्दतीने वापर करीत, भाजपा देशात सत्तेवर आली खरी, पण आता ही सत्ता भाजपालाच पचेनाशी झाली आहे. नरेंद्र मोदी यांनी घसा फाटेस्तोवर भाषणं करून जनमत बनवायचं आणि केंद्रातील मंत्री, भाजपा नेते, संधीसाधू, भोंदूत्ववादी, भक्ताडांनी व्यर्थ बडबड करून त्यावर पाणी फिरवायचं, याची झलक गेल्या चार वर्षात अनेकदा पाहायला मिळाली. व्यापार करणं आणि देश चालवणं यात किती फरक आहे, हे आता भाजपाला चांगलंच कळून आलंय, म्हणून त्यांनी सत्तेचा व्यापारच करून टाकला. मोदी सरकारच्या काळात या देशाला लाभलेली एकमेव गोष्ट म्हणजे, बुध्दीबधीरता!!! डोकं गहाण ठेवून… Read more »
Sumit Jindal

How do you ensure this kind of trending is done by BJP only. All the parties are alike.
They keep spreading such fake things.
Grow up now


Where does this article says it is done by BJP ONLY? And if all parties are alike then why bjp keeps talking about them being holier than thou? They are a party with difference, but apparently the only difference seems to be shameless supporters that keep defending their every mistake.