A video of a person being beaten up by another person in a military uniform was posted on Twitter with the claim that the person being thrashed is a Uighur Muslim. He was assaulted supposedly because he had a copy of the Quran in his house in East Turkistan, according to a post by a Twitter user @Tkwondo_T.

The tweet has now been deleted. Another user Rabia Azhar tweeted this video on January 1, and it has been retweeted over 17000 times already.

It was also shared by J Gopikrishnan, who is a special correspondent with The Pioneer, with the words “Attn: Indian Communists”. His tweet was retweeted over 600 times and has not been deleted.

Moreover, the same video has been shared with a slightly different narrative- that the person being thrashed is a Pakistani Muslim, the reason being the same- possession of the Quran.

This claim has been shared widely on Facebook as well.


Many Twitter users responded to the tweet, claiming that the video was not from China but from Indonesia, and that the person who was thrashed was a criminal. He was apparently beaten up by Indonesian army men. They pointed out the words ‘Ampun pak’ uttered by the person, which they claimed is Indonesian and meant ‘Forgive me’.

Based on the claims made by users who responded to the tweet, Alt News found that the video is indeed from Indonesia and not from China as claimed by several social media users. In an article by the Indonesian news publication Tribun Jateng published on May 24, 2017, it is mentioned that the incident occurred on May 13, 2017 at the Depok Baru station in West Java province.

According to the report, the person was a pickpocketer who was thrashed by Indonesian military personnel. The report further stated that action had been taken against the ‘officers’, who were dismissed and returned to their unit. The video had gone viral in May 2017 and had also been posted on Instagram. It is also available on YouTube.

Moreover, an official of the Chinese embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan confirmed via Twitter that the video is not of China, calling it propaganda to “sabotage relations between China and Muslim countries”.

In conclusion, the claim that the video is of an Uighur Muslim beaten up by Chinese army personnel for possession of the Quran is false. The video is from Indonesia.

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