Photoshopped: Narendra Modi and Indira Gandhi in a group photograph

A black-and-white image featuring former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, with PM Narendra Modi seen in the frame, has been circulating on messaging platforms. In the photo, PM Modi is seen standing in the background, with Indira Gandhi in the foreground.

The image has been shared with a message in Gujarati which says, “Saheb turned out to be a Congressman. What will bhakts now say?” (translation). It has been circulated on Facebook as well, with the identical message by individual users.

The above post in on the Facebook group Vote For AIMIM. It has been shared over 5000 times. Another post by a user has been shared over 6200 times so far.

Image is photoshopped

The photograph in question has been digitally altered. In the original picture, Narendra Modi is not present. Upon reverse searching the image, Alt News found an article by The Quint, titled Karnataka’s Reluctant Politician: The Life and Times of ‘Annavaru’, in which the original image was published. The article was dedicated to Kannada superstar Dr. Rajkumar.

As can be seen in the image above, there is no Narendra Modi anywhere in the frame. The image circulating on WhatsApp is photoshopped.

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