A picture of Bollywood Actress Alia Bhatt as a toddler sitting in Mahesh Bhatt’s lap is the featured image of an article on the home page of chaskatimes.com. The title of of the article is “सिनेमा जगत की इस महशूर अभिनेत्री ने खुद कबूला कि उसने अपनी वेर्गिनिटी खो दी थी वो भी अपने ही पिता के साथ (Translation: A famous actress confessed to having lost her virginity to her father)”. It is a 4 part article. The third part of the article has another image of Pooja Bhatt embracing a young Alia Bhatt.

chaska times pooja bhatt embracing alia bhatt

The fourth part of the article finally reveals the name of the actress they were referring to all the while, Cara Delevingne. Usually, such stories create quite a storm leading to hundreds of copies across various media outlets, this one doesn’t have a single authentic source. The lone article which claims that the father-daughter duo had sex is on yet another ‘generate content for money’ portal India.com. Thus leading to the obvious conclusion that it is a cooked-up story.

The article on chaskatimes.com was designed to get tons of clicks by putting Alia Bhatt and Mahesh Bhatt’s picture as featured image. The 4 part ‘article’ has more advertisements than content in each of the parts. This pattern is followed by every single post on this website. Make sensational posts, many of them patently fake, and make tons of money out of it, seems to be the motto. Every page on chaskatimes.com carries a copyright notice, “© Copyright 2015 – Insist Post Media Enterprises“.

The main InsistPost website (InsistPost.com) is along the same lines as chaskatimes.com with lots of articles concentrated on the issue of sex, how to increase one’s longevity in bed, why women shut their eyes during sex, how Alia Bhatt has no IQ but is an expert in sex positions and more.

Tons of stories about sex

Other than InsistPost’s sincere efforts in advising its readers on issues of sex, the website also devotes a lot of time praising/defending BJP, RSS and PM Modi.

Insistpost posts defending bjp, Modi and RSS

At the time of writing, InsistPost gets more traffic than FirstPost, FirstPost being one of the websites owned by the Network18 media group. According to Alexa.com which is a company that specializes in web analytics, InsistPost has a global rank of 1477, while FirstPost has a global rank of 2018, a good 541 notches below InsistPost. A website by one of the largest media groups of this country has been outranked by a website that is populated with sleaze stories.

InsistPost FirstPost traffic rank comparison

Who runs this enterprise? According to LinkedIn and Instagram, a young man called Ankit Pandey is the brain behind this highly successful website.

Ankit Pandey LinkedIn Profile

Ankit Pandey Instagram Profile

Ankit Pandey’s Facebook Profile and Instagram Profile has several pictures of him along with senior leaders of BJP like Amit Shah and Smriti Irani and BJP IT Cell head Amit Malviya. In the picture below, the person in a blue-ish shirt whose face has been circled is Ankit Pandey whereas the guy next to him is Rudra Ravi Sharma who claims himself to be the Managing Director of InsistPost.

Ankit Pandey with Amit Shah

Ankit Pandey with Smriti Irani

From Left to Right: Ankit Pandey, BJP Spokesperson Shrikant Sharma, Rudra Ravi Sharma, BJP IT Cell Head Amit Malviya
From Left to Right: Ankit Pandey, BJP Spokesperson Shrikant Sharma, Rudra Ravi Sharma, BJP IT Cell Head Amit Malviya

How does InsistPost manage to generate so much content that they can beat websites owned by top ranking media companies of India? InsistPost has a fully functioning office at E-58, Noida Sec 3, Block E, Sector 3, Gautam Buddha Nagar, Uttar Pradesh 201301 according to Google. Many pictures of the office are available on Google. We cross-checked the pictures available on Google with ones available on Ankit Pandey’s Facebook and Instagram profile and they do match.

Insist Post Office Pictures on Google Maps

While content is the king and political friendships are necessary, but one still needs to drive tons of traffic to the website. As it was seen in the Alt News exposé of Hindutva.info, InsistPost has managed to partner with Facebook Pages with huge followings and are also running multiple Facebook pages of their own. The main InsistPost Facebook page has a following of over 1.1 million at the time of writing. This page not only drives traffic to InsistPost.com but it also drives traffic to chaskatimes.com (Example 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).

Besides its own Facebook page, two major Facebook Pages name ISupportNaMo and SanghParivar.org share InsistPost articles every single day. ISupportNamo has in excess of 13 million followers while SanghParivar.org has more than 1 million followers. Other than InsistPost, these pages also consistently share at least two other websites namely ViralInIndia.in and NewsRoomPost.com. These websites will be talked about in future posts on Alt News.

We also found a host of other Facebook Pages which share InsistPost and ChaskaTimes articles, some of them exclusively. For eg, the Beautiful Punjabi Models page alternates between sharing revealing pictures of women and InsistPost and ChaskaTimes articles. The strategy is to create a theme based on a celebrity or a famous subject, create a following by posting posts related to the subject and alternate it with articles from these websites.


There are many other pages like the ones above that send enormous amounts of web traffic to the InsistPost group of websites and have not been listed here for the sake of brevity. All these pages combined have a few million followers. That is how InsistPost has risen to become the 105th ranking website in India.

While the people behind InsistPost might follow a particular ideology, that is not the only driving factor. A greed to make quick money is also evident from the sort of content that is being put up on these websites. The photos of employees shared by Ankit Pandey on his personal social media profiles show that many of them are either still finishing their graduation or are fresh graduates. It is unfortunate that such a group of young people are wasting away their creative juices in such endeavours.

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So?? What do you want to prove? Let me see what you wanna say 1. You want to defame ankit by stating he put nearly porn type article in his website. So? Is it a crime or not ethically right? You should be a supporter of FOE. 2. You want to prove it’s linked to bjp still I can’t see any evidence other than one or two pics.. so? Let me remind you having a pic with an IT cell head or amit shah doesn’t made him a bjp paid guy.. he can be independent.. stop trying to defame bjp… Read more »

After paid guy 😥

Look man though you are trying to act smart, you need to read your comment before posting it. You want to defame ankit by stating he put nearly porn type article in his website.? The article says the kind of tactics (having Alia bhats photo as featured image) for a non-related article. This is called click baiting nonsense. And for your information, it is an unethical way of generating views. What do you think Amit Shah, Amit Maulvya, Smiti Irani are? Not every man cannot go and meet them. The only people who have taken pictures with these Danga Party… Read more »
Jameel ahmed



Relax bhai, you lost the most obvious point – they published ‘fake news’ and personal slander against an actor. And it is important to expose how they and similar other websites are ethically compromised in their greed to make money – they spread rumours, fake news and things to promote hatred.


Whats wrong with you? Don’t you see anything wrong with this expose? And the fact that such unethical guy is hanging out with “respected” leaders; Maybe this expose will help these “leaders” to keep distance from such people.


And the advertisement I see at the end of article ‘the 15 bollywood movies you must watch alone’. Jinke ghar sheeshe ke bne ho unhe patthar nhi maarne chahiye..
The article posted on that site is misleading, but the site does not claim to be a news portal. It is the responsibility of reader to read and judge the motivation of the author of writing this article. So this article is useful for those who believe that everything on internet is true.




Hahaha, the ads you see here are based on your internet usage patterns. So you must have been naughty on the internet off late. 😁


Well my webpage shows an ad of a lecture on Jaggi Vasudev because I read his articles a lot .
Your webpage shows sleaze ,that means the you read Ankit Pandey ‘s fake news website regularly. Infact you are proving that this article is right .


And what about AAJTAK, Dainikbhaskar, APB News ??

First write on them. but u cant reason u knw that.

Basically every1 in name of democracy or rite of freedom say or upload or share any & every kind of news/photos without authentication. Hence, gullible public fall for sleazy juicy news that too related to films or sex. Sad but truth! Day we begin to ignore such news & read more of our ppl’s acheiments or laurels they bring that will ensure healthy growth and way forward to india becoming super power. Alt news should just make bold one liner on false propaganda news. Any1 could challenge for u to substantiate, period. Write lots of non political news u will… Read more »
Ved Pratap
बेचारे प्रतीक ! आजकल एक नई Strategy चल पड़ी है दुनिया में, अगर आप किसी की बराबरी नहीं कर सकते तो अगले को बदनाम करके नीचे गिरा दो, यही काम सोशल मीडिया पर BJP-RSS के Mental Slaves करते हैं (इंदिरा गाँधी जैसे बेहतरीन नेताओं तक को बदनाम करते हैं) और यही काम आप करते हो, Insist Post और उसके लोगों के बारे में तो हम ज्यादा नहीं जानते पर उसे देखकर लगता है वो कोई न्यूज वेबसाईट नहीं है और ना ही वो ऐसा दावा करते हैं, हो सकता है ये सिर्फ उनका बिजनेस है, आज के समय में हर… Read more »

Smart business ! All the best Ankit !!

Ashok Nemichand Jain
आज के इस कलयुगमे ओर विशेष नरेंद्र मोदी एवम भाजपा सरकार के सत्ता युग मे सत्ता को पाने के लिए एवम सुरक्षित करने हेतु झूट, अश्लीलता ओर जुमलेबाजी जतियावाद को अधिक बढ़ावा दिया जा रहा है, जो इस देश को घातक सिद्ध होगा, भाजपा तथा RSS का संगठन इस कार्य को अधिक तेजी से करके देश के इतिहास को तोड़ने मरोड़ने का काम कर रही है, कोंग्रेस तथा उनके नेताओ ओर अन्य पक्ष के नेताओ का चरित्र को गंदे इतिहास एवम व्यक्तिगत चरित्रहनन के लेख सोशल मीडिया पर प्रसारित करके बदनाम करने की कोशिश में जुटी हुई है, भाजपा पार्टि… Read more »
keshav singhal

hinduon ne riots ne shure nahi musalamono ke kilaf ya crticise kar ke dikha