This is not a typical Alt News headline but we drew inspiration from Zee News. It was just few weeks ago, Zee had brought us the headline, “Shocking! Kashmir labelled as ‘Indian Occupied’ in UP Congress booklet.” Zee News has now been caught in the same situation.

An article titled, “Watch Kashmiri youth celebrate after India’s defeat in ICC Champions Trophy final” reported, “Shockingly, people in Indian occupied Kashmir were seen bursting crackers to celebrate Pakistan’s win.” Indian occupied Kashmir? No, this is not a page out of a Pakistani newspaper but a sentence from a Zee News report.

The article has now been deleted from the Zee News website. You can view the archived version here and the google cache version here.

The gaffe did not go unnoticed and Twitter users mocked Zee News for their “admission” of an Indian occupied Kashmir.

Zee News, known for its hyper-nationalism had recently called for a boycott of the India-Pakistan cricket match at the Champion’s trophy with its hashtag #SabseBadaDroh. The channel has taken upon itself the task of “exposing fake nationalists today both in media and politics”.

Few weeks ago when Zee News carried the story of a similar gaffe by UP Congress, its story started with the sentence “However, it was not immediately known whether it was done deliberately or it was a goof up.

We will not use the same sentence for Zee because we believe that such genuine goof-ups do happen. It is about time the channel steps down from its moral high ground and applies to itself the same standards that it preaches to others.

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