Several social media users have shared a picture with the claim that Muslim parents in Kerala married their daughter into a Hindu family. “She will be safe in the Hindu household,” the claim says. (archived link)

[Hindi text: “केरल मे मुस्लिम माता पिता ने अपनी बेटी की शादी एक #सनातनी हिंन्दू लड़के से करा दी…बेटी #हिन्दू_घर मे सुरक्षित रहेगी.]

Several Facebook users have also shared the image of a Muslim couple giving blessings to a newly married Hindu couple.

Misleading claim

A reverse-image search of the photograph took us to a Facebook post from February 19, 2020. It says that Muslim couple Adija and Abdullah had adopted a Hindu girl when she was 10 years old. They got her married to a Hindu man as per Hindu customs when she turned 22.

This Muslim couple had adopted a Hindu girl child long back when she lost her parents. She was 10 years old at that…

Posted by Yeda-Anna on Wednesday, 19 February 2020

The marriage was also reported in The Times of India. “Rajeshwari was not his daughter but ever since the day she reached his home around 15 years back, after the death of her parents, she has been like his daughter. So, when she became a grown-up girl of marriageable age, Abdulla Abdurahiman, who is from Melparamba in Kasaragod, knew it was his duty to marry her off, that too as a Hindu, because she was born a Hindu,” said the article.

Rajeshwari was married to Vishnuprasad in a simple ceremony. “Vishnuprasad’s family wanted the marriage to be solemnized in a Hindu temple. But Abdulla and family were bit too tense, as they are Muslims and will not have entry to a Hindu temple. It was then somebody said Manyottu temple in Kanhangad permitted entry to Muslims and hence the marriage was solemnized there,” the report quoted Abdullah.

A year-old photograph of a Muslim couple marrying off their Hindu foster daughter was shared with misleading claims on social media.

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