The video clip above is from a village called Dholi in Dholka Taluka in Gujarat. Gujarat Government has made lakes in several villages for harvesting storm water. Narmada water is also released into these lakes in order to help with the irrigation of farm lands. The pond in the video clip above is also a part of one such initiative. However, what was supposed to be a boon for the farmers is quickly becoming a bane for them.

Unregulated industrial waste especially polluted water released by various industrial units in the area of Dholi village are poisoning various water sources in this area. Activists allege that industrial units that have been recently setup in the Dholi Integrated Textile Park are disposing untreated, polluted water in the nearest water stream. As a result, thousands of fish inhabiting the pond have died. The farmers in the area fear that the polluted water will soon start affecting their farmland which are in the vicinity of this pond.

Musabhai Khatumbara who is the convenor of Jan Sangharsh Manch (JSM) which is a civil liberties organisation based in Gujarat told Alt News that the industrial units of Chiripal group are illegally blocking the water stream and disposing untreated water into an pond meant for irrigation. He also stated that farmers from villages Dholi, Rupgadh, Buumbhali, Jakhda, Kesargadh and Vejalka are protesting against this and that the local farmers have made multiple submissions to various Government authorities but no action has been taken so far. The protests are being held under the banner of Jan Sangharsh Manch.

Alt News was also able to get access to the water test reports for the month of February and March 2017 of an industrial unit called Vishal Fabrics. The test was done by Gujarat Pollution Control Board.

The local farmers have demanded that the concerned authorities in Gujarat Government should take instant action in this case so that the water body which is so essential for irrigation purposes can be saved and the farmers in the areas surrounding this industrial park do not suffer due to high levels of industrial pollution.

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