A video of a man running over a cow with his tractor is circulating on social media. Alt News is not attaching the clip due to its distressing nature. Twitter user @RAMENDRA2151 questioned in an angry post, “Hindus, do you understand how low these pigs are?”

A few others on Twitter have also alluded that the tractor driver hailed from the Muslim community. Emojis of a mosque, a crescent moon, the Kaaba were used to indicate that the accused is a Muslim.

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The video is quite widespread on Facebook with the text, “सड़क पर बैठी गाय किसी का क्या बिगाड़ रही थी, जो इस हराम के पि** ने कुचल कर उसको मार डाला.”

Accused does not hail from the Muslim community

News18 reported that the incident took place in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh and Sarkanda police has arrested tractor driver Ishwar Dhruv after the CCTV footage came to light. The report from June 7 states that the inspector of police found that Dhruv was under the influence of alcohol when he mounted the tractor on the cow.

Sarkanda police confirmed to Alt News that Ishwar Dhruv s/o Ram Gopal Dhruv was arrested following a complaint filed by the owner of the cow. The police also said that the incident does not have a Muslim angle.

ETV Bharat reported that the accused resides near Khamtarai Kali Temple and he was arrested from his house within hours after the complaint was filed. He confessed to having intentionally killed the cow and the tractor was confiscated by the cops.

A video of a cow run over by a tractor was therefore, given a false Muslim angle.

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