“Anger is exploding against Indian army even in other states of India…Here an entire convoy of Indian army ambushed, robbed and destroyed by angry locals…even army, ammo and shells were stolen…200 districts of India face insurgencies and seperatist movements…”

The above message was tweeted by Zaid Hamid, along with a video which shows a rampaging mob. In the video, the mob can be seen shattering the windshield of a military truck. Zaid Hamid is a controversial Pakistani political commentator. A screenshot of his tweet is posted below.

The tweet is no longer accessible as Hamid’s account has been withheld in India. The video has been tweeted by some users.


Alt News broke up the video into several key frames, and reverse searched one of the frames on Google. We found that this video was uploaded on YouTube ten years back i.e. in 2009. The video was titled, ‘Periyar DK activists attack Indian military vehicles’.

On the basis of this video and the context in which it was uploaded on YouTube, Alt News found multiple news reports from 2009. The vandalization of Indian army vehicles was an attack by pro-Tamil groups during the Sri Lankan civil war in which the Tamil separatist group Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) was neutralised by the Sri Lankan army that year. This incident took place near Coimbatore in May 2009.

According to a report by The New Indian Express, the attack was the handiwork of Periyar Dravida Kazhagam (PDK) and Marumelarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (MDMK) activists who stopped an army convoy suspecting that arms were being transported to be supplied to the Sri Lankan army. The workers of the two outfits pelted stones at the trucks, causing minor damage. According to a report by India Today, cases were registered against 200 people for the violence.

The video is of 2009 and related to the conflict in Sri Lanka. It does not pertain to Jammu & Kashmir, or the recent developments there. The video is from Tamil Nadu.

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