Amidst the ongoing Russian military offensive in Ukraine, a 16-second-long video clip is widely being circulated on social media as visuals of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

This video has been posted on Twitter with the hashtag #worldwar3.

Journalist Dheeraj Choudhary has also tweeted the video with the same hashtag.

Computer-generated video

We had a close look at the video and noticed a few anomalies that hinted the video was not genuine but computer-generated.

  1. The planes that are visible in the video are not actually moving. They seem to be in motion due to the movement of the camera and the flashing of the lights.
  2. At 0:11 seconds when the camera zooms onto one of the planes, it is clearly visible that these are not modern fighter planes.

When we broke down the video into keyframes and ran one of the stills through Yandex reverse image search, it led us to a post on Instagram uploaded on October 4, 2021. This itself proves that the video is unrelated to the Ukraine crisis.

The comments on the video also suggest that it is computer-generated.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by IG.Airplane 🛫 (@ig.airplane)

As per Newschecker, the original creator of the video is Boris J.A., who is a 3D animator and has uploaded several similar videos on his Instagram. Boris’s YouTube channel has the same video uploaded with his watermark.

Hence, a computer-generated video was shared as visuals from the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

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