जिस भड़वे को लगता है कि देश में 2019 में कांग्रेस आना चाहिए कांग्रेसी चमचे को ये वीडियो देख लेना चाहिए कर्नाटक में 1महीना भी नही हुआ है सरकार बने और ये हालात है वीडियो में मुस्लिम बाजार में मुस्लिमो ने हिन्दू और पुलिस को कैसे दौड़ा दौड़ा कर पिट रहा है भारत में सुरक्षित रहना है (Whoever thinks Congress should return in 2019 should see this video. Not a month has elapsed since the govt has been formed and muslims are beating Hindus and the police in a muslim bazaar- translated). This message is being circulated along with a video that shows a group of men thrashing a biker, which then leads to a violent ruckus. It has been claimed that this is the state of affairs in Karnataka ever since the Congress-JDS government assumed power in the state.

The above tweet was posted in the afternoon of June 12 and is probably the earliest instance of this claim on Twitter. It is however on Facebook that the video and the message are being shared, mostly by individual users who have uploaded it on their profiles. Once again, this indicates that it is being shared widely on WhatsApp.

Jharkhand, not Karnataka

Alt News tried to establish the reality of the video by using the InVid software. We broke up the video into individual frames and reverse searched the image via Google, but this did not yield any result. We then took the key words “पुलिस को दौड़ा दौड़ा कर पीटा ” from the message that has been circulating in Hindi, and using the Google reverse image search option again along with the text, we found a link to an article by Dainik Jagran.

The video is from Ranchi, Jharkhand. The clash took place after members of the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) allegedly raised provocative slogans during a bike rally that they had held to celebrate four years of BJP government at the Centre, according to a report by The Pioneer. BJYM is the youth wing of the BJP. The report by The Pioneer states, “A clash like situation following verbal arguments and stone pelting took place near Daily Market area on Sunday afternoon when BJYM cadres started shouting communal slogans during their march to celebrate 4 years of government at the centre. When the youths were stopped by the locals an unruly scene took place that resulted in a clash finally stopped by the police force.” This news was also reported by the Hindi newspapers Jansatta and Dainik Jagran.

It may be noted that the headline of the Dainik Jagran article mentions the words “दौड़ाकर पीटा” (chased and beaten). These words have also been used in the fake message that has circulated online.

Barely a few days back, another fake claim had emerged on social media about Hindus being thrashed by Muslims in Karnataka. The state continues to be in the cross hairs of the fake news industry weeks after election to the state assembly concluded in May 2018. It also continues to be portrayed as a hellhole for the Hindu community, with the fake and inciteful narrative that Muslims have been rampaging ever since the Congress-JDS government came to power.

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