This is the scene immediately after BSY resigned. DK Shivkumar Congress and Revanna JDS (Deve Gowda’s elder son) are in conversation. At this rate, I fear Congress-JDS days are numbered. God save Karnataka!” The tweet with a video of an altercation was shared by many including Manoj Kumar, CEO of the Naandi foundation. The video is currently viral on all forms of social media including Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. Raised voices, flying tempers, finger pointing…the video has everything that BJP supporters are looking for to vindicate their stand about the Karnataka coalition government. The only problem is that it is an old video and passing it off as an altercation right after Yeddiruppa’s resignation is fake news.

The video is from 2016 and was posted on YouTube by “Kannada News” with the caption “Revanna v/s DK Shivakumar fight in Vidhan Sabha” on June 11, 2016.

While Kumar had the grace to retract his tweet after it was pointed out to him that this is fake news, the video continues to be shared widely on Facebook and Twitter.

A page called ‘Presstitutes’ which ironically claims to expose the mass media manipulation has shared the fake news.

After the initial lull following the shock of yeddyurappa’s resignation before the floor test, the fake news brigade is back in full swing. In the coming days expect more fake news from the usual quarters targeting the alliance and the key players. Social media users beware!

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