आप के whatsapp पे जितने भी नंबर एवं ग्रुप हैं एक भी छूटने नही चाहिए, ये वीडियो सबको भेजिए ये वलसाड के DPS SCHOOL Rajbag का टीचर है इसको इतना शेयर करो की ये टीचर और स्कूल दोनों बंद हो जाए । वीडियो वायरल होने से काफी फ़र्क पड़ता है ओर कार्यवाही होती है जिसे दया न आये वो अपना मुंह (टाइपिंग) बंद रखे ।

Translation: Please send this video to all groups and numbers in your WhatsApp. This is a teacher of DPS SCHOOL Rajbag. Share this so much that the school shuts down. A video going viral makes a huge difference and leads to investigation. Those who have no sensitivity, please shut your mouths (typing).

A horrifying video, in which a child can be seen being brutally beaten by a woman, is circulating on WhatsApp, along with the above message. The video is 1:36 minutes long. Owing to its graphic nature, Alt News is not posting the video. A screenshot of the same is shown below.


Searching with the key words ‘Woman beating child video’, Alt News found that the video in question is not from DPS school in Valsad as claimed. In fact, there is no Delhi Public School (DPS) in Valsad. The entire list of DPS schools can be accessed here.

Alt News found several news reports from Malaysia, pertaining to this incident.

According to a report by the New Straits Times, an English language newspaper published in Malaysia, the video has gone viral in the country and is believed to have been shot there. The report states that police is investigating the case and has urged anyone with information to come forward and assist in the probe. The article is dated June 12, 2019.

Malaysian police also uploaded the video on its Facebook page to seek information from the public about the incident. Alt News contacted Royal Malaysia police who said that according to intelligence agencies, the video was recorded in Indonesia and has been viral on messaging platforms for over a year.


In the latest development, it has emerged that the video in question is from Mexico. The woman seen in the video savagely beating the child, has been arrested. According to reports, the woman, nicknamed ‘Hyena de Guerrero’ was arrested in the city of Chilpancingo in the state of Guerrero after the video had gone viral and Mexican media networks had reported about it.

The child being beaten is her two-year old daughter. The mother has been charged with ‘family violence’. She was arrested in June 2019.


The exact claim was earlier circulated with a different video, shot in Syria in 2018.

It may be reiterated that the video is not from India. Earlier, a child beating video from Egypt was falsely claimed to be of a school in Valsad, Gujarat. In another instance, an old video from Delhi was shared as a teacher beating a student at RMVM school in Valsad.

UPDATE: The article has been updated in the light of new information, that the video is from Mexico and the woman in question has been arrested.

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