When will Republic TV start apologising? The nation wants to know

“Will Rahul, Yechury and Kejriwal apologise?” “Should Rahul apologise for top Congress leader’s abuse?” “Should those who claimed Sunanda had a ‘natural death’ apologise now that HC has called the death unnatural?” Republic TV’s quest for the apology is legendary. In the four months since the channel has been launched, it has made over 20 such ‘calls for apology’. Going by the sheer number of such tweets, one would expect at least a few of these to be addressed to the government, holding it to account for its promises? One would also expect that the channel, that never misses out on asking for an apology, also holds itself to high standards and apologises when it errs. It turns out that we are wrong on both counts.

The Republic’s ‘call for apology’ has a very interesting feature. Yes, you guessed it right. It is always addressed to the Opposition and the liberals. Never has the channel asked for the government or a leader of the ruling party to apologise for anything. In the Republic world, it is all about hounding the opposition and holding it to account. Let us take a quick look at some of the popular targets:

Opposition Leaders

Opposition leaders have been regularly reminded by the channel to apologise for one issue or the other. From Rahul Gandhi, to Arvind Kejriwal, from Sitaram Yechury to Akhilesh Yadav, from Owaisi to Siddaramaiah to no one has been spared by Republic in its frenzied call to apologise. As in the case of the hashtags run by the channel, the target is always the Opposition. It is surprising that the channel that claims to be “India’s only independent news venture” has no questions addressed to the government in four months. Not one?


After the opposition leaders, it is the liberals who earn the wrath of Republic. The channel is obsessed with exposing the hypocrisy of what it calls ‘pseudo liberal’ or ‘pseudo secular’ brigade. So much so that it rarely uses the term liberal or secular without adding “pseudo” as a prefix to it. From the position of a moral high ground, it believes itself to be ‘genuine’ as opposed to ‘pseudo’

The secular brigade is asked to apologise for Colonel Purohit, Rohit Vemula suicide report and numerous other reasons.

In the name of the Army

In line with its pitch of hyper nationalism, Republic TV frequently asks for an apology for real and imaginary insults to the army. Opposition, liberals and human rights groups have been asked by Republic TV to apologise for insulting the Army. Sometimes the calls for an apology are accompanied by hashtags like #LeftInsultsArmy and #AkhileshInsultsMartyrs.

An apology demanded for every issue

Others who have been asked by Republic to apologise are “Tejpal backers”, those claimed Sunanda Pushkar had a natural death, Triple Talaq supporters, Fatwa cleric in Sonu Nigam’s case. The list is endless.

But where is the apology from Republic

It is only fair that we also ask Republic to apologise for the times it has misled the viewers. Here are some of the instances where we ask Republic TV some questions in its own style:

1. Will Republic TV apologise for misleading its viewers for airing a fake story about non-payment of bills by Jama Masjid?

Taking the cue from Postcard news, a leading fake news website, Republic wrongly reported about the Jama Masjid being in darkness due to non-payment of electricity bills. This fake claim was made even after BSES had clarified it to be a rumor. The Republic TV team went to the mosque and misreported. “While investigating why the mosque was dark, the team snooped outside Bukhari’s residence counting the number of cars and recording their make but didn’t ring the bell to verify if the story was indeed true. It also did not occur to the team to ask those around whether the mosque is usually lit at night and what time the lights are normally switched off at night. Funnily the reporter pointed out to a lit board at the gate but it didn’t occur to him how the board could be lit when the electricity was indeed cut off. On the basis of this so-called investigation, Republic TV broke the news about BSES giving a jolt to Jama Masjid due to non-payment of over four crores.”

After their lies were called out by Alt News, Republic quietly deleted its tweet and video. There was no apology, no expression of regret, no explanation… Imam Bukhari has now reportedly sent a legal notice to the channel for carrying a fabricated story.

2. Will Republic TV apologise for the way it treated the father of the child found murdered in a Gurugram school?

In its search for a ‘super exclusive’ Republic journalist reportedly heckled the grieving father of the child murdered in Ryan International School. The entire episode was caught on video and brought much shame to the channel but still did not elicit an apology.

3. Shouldn’t Republic TV apologise for misquoting the Home Minister of Karnataka on Gauri Lankesh’s murder.

Republic TV twisted a statement of the Karnataka Home Minister relating to the investigation regarding the murder of Gauri Lankesh. Many of those present at the time expressed surprise at the claim made by Republic as they were not witness to such the statement. In a conversation with Alt News the minister himself denied making any such statement.

4. Will Republic TV apologise to its viewers for sharing fake news about Arundhati Roy’s statement regarding Indian Army?

“Don’t take this lying down”, “punish Pak puppets”, “Arundhati’s abuse, Pak’s headlineRepublic TV led a tirade against Arundhati Roy over fake news about a statement she never made.

Even after the news turned out to be fake, there was no retraction or apology from Republic TV.

5. Shouldn’t Republic TV apologise to its viewers for presenting a picture from a food festival as some sort of a conspiracy?

In July this year, Republic TV ran a hashtag #VadraChinaTalks posting a picture of Robert Vadra with the Chinese envoy. “What’s Vadra’s job with the Chinese envoy?” asked the channel.

The image turned out to be from a Chinese food festival that was also attended by several others like the then Railway minister Suresh Prabhu, Sitaram Yechuri from CPIM, KC Tyagi from JDU and other leaders from BJP such as Tarun Vijay and Udit Raj.

The issue was forgotten as soon as the reality behind the picture emerged. The channel did not consider it to be a cause for any embarrassment or apology.


In the last four months, it is clear that Republic TV doesn’t question the government on anything and constantly distracts its viewers from doing so. As if that was not enough, the channel also keeps up a constant attack on the Opposition and its leaders. Liberals are a favourite target and in many instances it has labelled those who look at the government with a critical lens as pseudos, frauds, shallow foreign funded anti-nationals, maoist sympathisers, cocktail activists and pseudo-secular brigade.

The list is long and we will take a pause. We have not even started talking about the recent video in which the Editor-in-Chief of Republic TV Arnab Goswami, was caught narrating a personal experience of his former colleague, Rajdeep Sardesai during the Gujarat riots as his own. Many of those who worked with NDTV at the time were witness not only to the incident but also to Goswami being in Delhi when it took place. Republic has a lot to explain. The nation waiting for not one but several apologies.

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This is sheer hypocrisy from alt news. You are supposed to be fake News busters and hold on to high moral ground yourself. Whereas most of the articles are targeted to BJP and rss / right wing nationalists. Republic tv is biased for sure but that doesn’t necessarily make them wrong at every point. Alt news is holding themselves at the same moral standards as Republic by the way you defend the so called pseudo liberal or pseudo secular brigade.

Dipshekhar Das

Are you some kind of stupid? All those misleading news of repooplic are busted by Alt news . Without taking any side they just asked a simple question to repoolic. Is it so hard to understand for a thick skull like you?


Very simple…. Bhakt kind of Skill 🙂


It is not the target towards BJP and RSS, rather it appears like targeted one when truth is exposed. Come out from believing as true for whatever Modi and his bhakts claims, you would then read alt news article..


There is literally no bias. I would like some of the responders to name a few instances where channels like NDTV have spread false news.
Alt news and other fake news busters are doing a good job. I would request Alt News to republish the article where NDTV had relayed a faulty news.

Hello Raj It’s probably that BJP has this hyperactive cybercell at work that things keep coming up every now and then. Haven’t you observed that all of a sudden Kejriwal is out of the picture. It’s just that the job is done and Najib Jung who was a dummy LG has been thrown out. Sir, have you noticed that the Indian Army has become a party held organization? It’s जुट the Prime Minister and his people who care for the army and everyone else has become a traitor? Why do the PM and other Ministers keep quoting the surgical strikes… Read more »

Probably you are right about Altnews targeting BJP and RSS (right wing Nationalists). But right now the fake newses and misleading of Indians is done by these groups only and alt news is performing a real duty towards nation and the socity. Think about it.


if speaking truth is hypocrisy then I wish Alt news should continue this kind of hypocrisy


above article is about REPUBLIC tv, not about BJP so how can you claim it is against BJP, or you mean that REPUBLIC TV and BJP is the same.

Simon Joseph


Raj Baral
Alt News has given many examples about so called journalist Mr Arnab Goswami since the inception of Republic TV. So those who have simple sense of understanding, can easily understand that what Arnab ji has been doing, it is beyond the ethics of journalism. According to me Republic TV is a dummy TV channel and Mr. Arnab is pawn or puppet of the ruling establishment who are giving instructions from behind the curtain and Mr. Arnab just following their instructions. Why Arnab is doing such are things deliberately then who can know better than Mr. Arnab. But whatever is going… Read more »
Biswapriya Purkayastha

Will the Modifellating Bhaktonazi OrKnob Cowswamy apologise for lying with every breath,like a cow exhaling oxygen?

Rakesh Agrawal

Apology from this hilariously named channel that’s basically anti-republic? You must be joking! This moron: Arnab Goswami, who is the only patriot left in the country, will drag you to the court for insulting the nation!!!!!


Superb article


I wouldnt dignify a channel like R.TV by watching it.


Well Said……..such channels should be abandoned.


It’s right step ….it’s only opposition thinks their birth right to abuse ruling party….opposition has become bunch of idiot then it’s becomes necessary to teach them lesson.,..


I like altnews for being true and not biased … for those who thinks that it mostly targets the Bjp Government ..i would like to suggest them that kindly see the recent case of Fake image of a girl injured by lathi charge at BHU which was widely shared by congress leaders and some liberals also.

P s nair

Arnab goswami has nothing to apologise for. But anti Hindu altnews certainly has much to apologise for.


And in future you will surely say that altnews Anti nationalist, Pak suppoter, Anti Hindu, etc..Bhakts logics


Hey can you also make the list of fakenews spread by nidhirazdan of ndtv in twitter and also ndtv soft interview with rahul, and rajdeep sardesai misleading tweets and his soft interview with mamata Banerjee. I have found this site very helpful in your unbiased views , but it would also be helpful if you lash out sold leftist media too


The kind of #Bhakti Mr. Modi inspires from some of the main stream media must be making the Gods jealous! Matter of time before they make temples and ask for donations in his name. They might be doing the later already though.