It’s been a slow day in office as an Editor of a TV News channel. The usual boring stories are pouring in. 1000 farmers from across the country are congregating at Jantar Mantar, Delhi, to protest against farmer suicides, a Dalit activist was murdered allegedly for breaking a plastic tap, 34 bonded labourers including 11 women and 7 children were rescued from a sugar cane field. The same old, mundane, stories of suffering and death.

Suddenly, your mobile phone vibrates in your pocket and you hear the all too familiar notification sound of WhatsApp. You whip out your phone and excitedly tap on the favourite green icon on your home screen. There’s a picture. You feel goosebumps pop-up all over your body. Your ears are on fire. THIS IS GOING TO BE THE PRIME TIME STORY TODAY.


While this strategy of ignoring repetitious stories of pain & suffering and concentrating on a singular picture for prime time shows is great for TV viewership, it has its own pitfalls. You don’t want to end up using a photoshopped picture which is over 7 years old as the basis for your prime time story like Times Now recently did.

In order to aid our favourite TV news channels namely Times Now and Republic so that they don’t make such rookie mistakes, Alt News has come up with an exclusive video tutorial, completely free of cost.

In the above video, we demonstrated how easy it is to look up an image that according to Republic TV was “UNDATED” and according to Times Now was “UNVERIFIED” and find the actual origins. The image tweeted by the two channels was neither unverified nor undated and has been available on Internet since April 21st, 2017 on the Chinese Embassy website in which Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi and Robert Vadra were attending a Chinese food festival.

Rahul Gandhi Priyanka Gandhi Robert Vadra Chinese Embassy Website

The same food festival was attended by India’s Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu, Sitaram Yechuri from CPIM, KC Tyagi from JDU and other leaders from BJP such as Tarun Vijay and Udit Raj.

Instead of using old pictures as breaking news, Times Now and Republic TV will do well to remind the Union Government regarding the promises they made before they came to power.

BJP brings out video, booklet on Vadra's alleged land deals

If Robert Vadra is responsible for shady business deals, why aren’t questions being asked of Union Govt and the State Governments of Haryana and Rajasthan? Where is the booklet that Ravi Shankar Prasad put out in a press conference? What happened to Uma Bharti’s promise? Who will hold the Government accountable if national television channels spend their time discussing pictures from a food festival and portraying it as a hush-hush meet?

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Well it’s too good explanation and wonderful tutorial…definitely i am going to to verify what i receive from onward ..thanks for your tutorial.
Now comes to BJP sponsored Media…The Party itself does not believe in equality, Education (We witnessed across the BJP ruled state and center were Education budget cuts drastically be it for scholar or for primary education..recently in UP). So, I highly doubt that they will learn anything from your tutorial be it BJP politician or sponsored Media….


times now and republic clearly mentioned its unverified and undated pic. so whats the prblm? anyhow rahul he himself accepted that he met chinese Amb


What was Necessity for these Bhakt Channel to run fake story? If It’s Unverified? Any way seems you wont understand….RG himself clarified that he meet the envoy and in future as well he keep meeting from his own capacity…Mind it India doesn’t come to an existence because of modi Mania…Rahul Gandhi and INC knows very well that Modi is damaging India Foreign affairs. So it’s step to correct the damage already Modi has done with India it Nepal, chaina , Bangaldesh or Pakistan.


@Bharath, Did you even read this article?


I think Election Commission should include balance sheet of TIMES NOW & REPUBLIC TV with Bhartiya Janta Party Balance Sheet as it seems both channels are paid news sponsored by BJP. It should be included in BJP election expenses.


9 banks going to be close if u guys have any account in this banks so please immediately safe ur cash and forward this msg to this news true or fake please inform asap…


false news. how can 9 banks close all of a sudden? majority of the banks in india are nationalised, so no need to worry.

Aditya Kumar

George Orwell had predicted this kind of a world far too well in his book 1984.


Very informative. Good work. Plz keep it up.

Fake News Buster
You are the biggest peddler of fake news. Don’t you guys have a simple sense that none of the other people who went to the Food Festival actually had a private meeting with the Chinese Ambassador. While a minister in the Current government may have a reason or business to meet the Ambassador, there should be no need for a politician from an opposition party to meet an Ambassador of a hostile nation unless it wants to hatch a plan against the common enemy. Whom are you fooling? All the links which you were clicking were visited links which means… Read more »
Atharva Vishal

So mr. Fake news buster you are claiming altnews is able to create a website of chinese embassy using china’s govt portal dns. Either you are idiot or you have came here to support those fake news posters. as far as your name does not justify your behaviour. dont’t try to ruin or malign a genuine working portal to curb out fake news else it will not take more than 30 minutes to trace your ip and dispose who are you actually.

Raj Baral

Time’s Now and Republic TV both are capable to change the narrative through their fake news broadcasting capabilities. I think they should organize a fake news festival to promot their business worldwide, but please do it through live telecast because fake news festival should not be fake