Several North Indian states recorded their lowest temperature of the season in the first week of the year resulting in dense fog which affected air travel and railway movement. In the context of such severe weather conditions, a video is going viral on social media where multiple cars can be seen colliding with each other.

On Facebook, a user shared the video and wrote, “Have you ever seen such an accident – due to dense fog in Indore, many vehicles collided with each other, live visuals”.

Another Facebook user, Akhlesh Jain, shared the video and wrote, “Got to witness the furore of the fog through this video which is a lesson for all of us. Be cautious, be careful, the accident happened due to lack of caution.”

कोहरे का कोहराम आज सुबह इस वीडियो के माध्यम से देखने को मिला जो हम सभी के लिए सबक लेने वाली बात है।
सतर्क रहे सावधान रहे, सावधानी हटी दुर्घटना घटी।

Posted by Akhlesh Jain on Monday, 2 January 2023

A Twitter handle called @Satish_Goyal73 posted this video on January 4 and wrote, “…In view of the fog, do not travel on the highway early in the morning unless absolutely necessary.” The video has over 2,500 views and 106 retweets at the time of the writing of this article. (Archive)

The video has gone viral on Facebook and Twitter. We also received a request on our official helpline (+91 7600011160) to verify the authenticity of the video.

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Fact Check

A simple keyword search on Google with ‘Delhi smog accident’ took us to multiple news reports that had covered this incident in 2017. A news report by India Today dated November 8, 2017, covered this accident. The report carries the same video. The description says, “Eighteen cars rammed into each other on the Agra-Noida Yamuna Expressway due to low visibility”.

By performing the same keyword search on YouTube, we found multiple videos of the accident. National Geographic uploaded this video on the platform describing the lethal pollution situation in New Delhi. It was published on November 13, 2017. The title reads ‘Pollution Is So Bad in India, It’s Causing Car Crashes’.

The very same accident was also reported by The Indian Express through a YouTube video on November 8, 2017. The title of this video is ‘Smog Causes Series Of Accidents Near Dhankaur’.

Hence, it can be concluded that this video is of a car pile-up that occurred on the Yamuna Expressway in November 2017. The video that is being shared online recently is actually an old video of a car collision and not a recent incident.

Vansh Shah is an intern with Alt News.

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