Author - Jaydip Sarkar

Jaydip SarkarDr Jaydip Sarkar studies criminal minds, behavioural patterns and society’s attitude and reactions to crime in order to advice police, lawyers, courts and policy-makers to manage the risks emerging to the society out of such crimes. He has special clinical interest in the assessment and management of sex offenders, both in secure care as well as community with a range of external stakeholders. He has been involved in the assessment of certain high-profile criminal cases in India and previously trained in London handling cases with the New Scotland Yard. He is currently based in Singapore where he works in prison, courts and secure hospital services.

Hang Rapists, but will it reduce Rapes?

The rape and horrific injuries leading to death of Nirbhaya shocked the nation’s conscience. In a reactionary stance, an inquiry committee submitted its findings and recommendations within a month. The government agreed to only a few recommendations... Read More

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