Nationalism has been a dominant theme in recent political discourse and a part of this narrative is the eulogisation of the military. The Indian army has stationed soldiers at the Siachen glacier, the highest and toughest battlefield in the world where the temperature plummets to as low as -40 to -50 degrees celsius.

BJP MP Kirron Kher on December 17 tweeted this picture, which was apparently of Indian army soldiers in Siachen. The caption along with the photograph read “At Siachen Glacier. Temp -50*c. Respect and Salute to Indian Army“.

This picture has been viral on social media for a long time, and many popular pages on Facebook and a number of twitter handles have shared it widely

A Huge Respect To Real Heroes.. (Y)

Posted by Laughing Colours on Thursday, December 8, 2016

Contrary to what is believed however the photograph is not of the Indian Army and the place shown in the photo is not Siachen. The original photos are of Russian army soldiers and was first posted in 2013.

The rumour busting website SMHoaxSlayer has debunked this claim that the picture is of Indian Army soldiers stationed at the glacier.

This is not the first time that the nationalism card has been played by the ruling party. Earlier, Minister of State for Home Kiren Rijiju had played the soldier card to defend demonetisation in this tweet dated November 20, 2016

The sacrifice and valour of the Indian army is well established, and it is disappointing to see nationalism being fuelled on the basis of a misleading picture, and shared by no less than a representative of the ruling party in parliament. While many FB pages have shared this misleading photo to induce clicks and generate revenue, misguided nationalism has often been adopted by the establishment for strategic political positioning.

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9 Comments on "BJP MP Kirron Kher posts fake photo of Indian army"

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Pankaj Sharma

Why we should post fake photos if India army to showcase their sacrifices. We do have many real pics for that. Especially from MP of sitting govt.,it looks like a mockery of our soldiers.


Foot in the fat mouth . Only one lady – Indira Gandhi , other women are names only . Language , good speak is a premium quality found in cultured , educated family ( back ground).
Street smart language is riff raff . Its common presently in Indian politics.

Rakesh Agrawal

I’m shocked to see the level to which these sanghis, even a woman BJP MP like Kirron Kher can fall to as for their petty political gains, they have no two thoughts to malign the image of Indian Army, for which they wow to stand by and their foot-soldiers are ready to kill and ask people to shout Bharat Mata Ki jai, whereas they themselves are the biggest traitors as they are anti-people. We must expose the ridicule them.


Before opening mouth , an intelligent person will check / recheck facts- figures . Ppl must restrict selves to the domain they belong too . Otherwise also ( many , many ) qualify for the following : quoting Harry Truman
Politics is the last RESORT of SCOUNDRELS . Ha ha ha ha . India abounds in this creed . JaiHind


What else can we expect of an MP who belongs to the party of Feku ! 😁

Chetan Rattan
it seems to have become a habit of people in BJP to revoke images of the army but it looks they are just not interested in cross checking the facts, a MP from the ruling party shares a image from foreign country claiming them to be image of our army and shares boldly on social media which goes across the globe without even giving a thought on how people across the globe will react and ridicule……these so called Nationalists do not have have iota of idea of national shame such acts evoke and how they are taken as non serious… Read more »

The important point, we respect our forces with highest regards, and we dont need any photo sharing to show this. They are our REAL HEROES.
Secondly, it is clearly seen that the weapon that the soldier holds is an AK-74 which is a standard issue for the Russian troops. Such fake news are seen doing rounds in social media which is laughable, and more laughable when a Former IPS officer posts it without using brains.

Chinky Nanda

In a fascist state there is always a race on who is more nationalistic!


We Don’t need fake photos to respect Indian Army. Respect comes from Heart and for that we don’t have to show off. Jai Hind