In connection with the consecration ceremony of the Ayodhya Ram Mandir, two images showing the projection of the figure of the Hindu deity Ram on the Burj Khalifa building are viral on social media.

First Image

The first image was published by media outlet Aaj Tak in a report titled, “दुबई का बुर्ज खलीफा भी हुआ राममय, US से लेकर पूरी दुनिया में मनाया गया प्राण प्रतिष्ठा का जश्न” which contained the said image. The headline was later changed.

Hindi outlet Patrika also published a report containing the same image of the Burj Khalifa. (Archive)

X user @Jamesneeesham tweeted a video containing the image and said, “Burj Khalifa displayed the idol of Hindu deity Rama on the occasion of Ram Mandir Pran Prathistha”. This tweet garnered over 250000 views. (Archive)

Verified handle @RealBababanaras shared the image and said ‘Jai Shri Ram at Burj Khalifa’. The tweet has been viewed close to 100000 views. Another verified handle, @raviagrawal3, tweeted the image with the same claim. (Archives- 1, 2)

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Several other users, including verified ones, amplified the viral image with the same claim. (Archives- 1, 2, 3, 4)

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Fact Check

Upon a reverse image search, we found the original image of the Burj Khalifa upon which the image of Hindu deity Ram had seemingly been digitally added. The image can be found on a blog called Julia’s Album with the caption, ‘Burj Khalifa at night‘. Below, is a comparison between the original image and the edited version.


The image was edited by X user @Atheist_Krishna who tweeted the image with the sarcastic caption, “Haters will say this is photoshopped.” The tweet garnered over 2 million views and was retweeted 10000 times.

This user regularly posts photoshopped images. In their bio, the user states that they photoshop images ‘for pun’. Here and here are two Alt News fact checks of images edited by the same individual which were falsely circulated as real.

Second Image

The second image of the Hindu deity Ram being projected on the Burj Khalifa was also amplified by several social media users. Verified Facebook account Rajesh Maheshwari posted the image on Facebook and claimed that the Burj Khalifa was ‘decorated’ in Dubai.

Several other users posted the image on Facebook and Twitter. (Archives- 1, 2, 3)

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Fact Check

We found several instances of the image of Burj Khalifa without the projection of Hindu deity Ram on stock photo sites. Below is a comparison between the viral image and the stock image.

We discovered that the same image had been circulated against the backdrop of Ram Navami celebrations in April 2023. Several fact-checking outlets have debunked the viral image as being morphed. At the time, a spokesperson for the Burj Khalifa confirmed to BOOM that the viral image was not authentic.

Hence, it is clear that the two viral photos of the Burj Khalifa with the projection of the image of the Hindu deity Ram on it are edited. These are being falsely shared on social media.

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