[The story only uses screenshots and not the viral video in view of the graphic nature of the content]

A 35-second long video is being shared on social media with the claim that a girl in Gurugram has been stabbed to death by a man from the Muslim community. In the viral clip, one can see the victim’s blood all over the street and her body lying on the ground.

Twitter user अंजली (@itsAnjaliT) shared the video on July 10 with a caption in Hindi that can be translated as: “I had said this before as well that ‘G-had’ virus is even more dangerous than coronavirus and has been spreading fast. In Gurugram’s Mullahera village, one ‘Abdul’ stabbed a Hindu girl to death with a knife and the secular Hindus stood there and recorded videos of the incident”. ‘Abdul’ is a term often used by the Right Wing to refer to Muslim men in a derogatory sense. @itsAnjaliT later deleted the tweet, but not before it received over 83,000 views. (Archive)

🚩Mohan gowda🇮🇳 (@Mohan_HJS), whose Twitter bio says he is the Karnataka state spokesperson of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, shared a newspaper clipping related to the same incident from the newspaper ‘Kannada Prabha’ with a caption in Kannada that can be translated as: “A Muslim youth killed a Hindu girl for refusing to marry her”. (Archive)

We found that Kannada Prabha carried this news on July 11. In the report, the newspaper claimed that the assailant was a Muslim. (Archive)

Several other users, including @TheAbhishek_IND, who often shares misinformation using social media platforms, shared the video with similar claims on Twitter and Facebook.

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Fact Check

A keyword search in Hindi led us to a tweet by Twitter handle TRUE STORY (@TrueStoryUP) which carried the viral video clip. The tweet in Hindi said that 19-year-old Neha had been stabbed to death in the Mullahera area of Gurugram on July 10 by her ex-fiance Rajkumar. The entire crime was captured on CCTV cameras installed in the area. The passersby remained silent spectators while the victim’s mother alone tried standing up to the accused.

In the viral video, a woman can be seen arguing with a man who allegedly stabbed Neha. As per TRUE STORY’s tweet, the woman is the mother of the victim. The accused, Rajkumar, has been arrested.

We also came across several other news reports related to this incident with similar information regarding the crime. Both the victim and accused were residents of Badaun, Uttar Pradesh. NDTV reported that they two had been engaged four months ago, but the engagement was called off recently. Disappointed, Rajkumar then began to put pressure on Neha for the marriage but she refused.

The readers should note that while media outlets named the accused Rajkumar, police said his name was Ramkumar.

We accessed the FIR copy of the alleged crime. The name of the accused in the document is Ramkumar.

We came across a tweet by the Gurugram Police’s official Twitter handle where Gurugram ACP Varun Dahiya said in a video statement that the name of the accused was Ramkumar (23), son of Surajpal. The incident occurred in the Palam Vihar police station area. The accused had been arrested and the knife used in the crime recovered, he informed.

Alt News reached out to ACP Varun Kumar Dahiya independently to confirm the above. He said, “Both the victim and the accused are Hindu. The man’s name is Ramkumar and there is no communal angle in this case. They were engaged but that was later terminated due to the misconduct of the man. Since the engagement was off and she refused to marry him, he stabbed her.”

Therefore, the claims that this is a case of ‘Love Jihad’ or that the accused is a Muslim are false. The accused’s name is Ramkumar and he is a Hindu.

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