A piece of text is currently viral on WhatsApp which contains 9 quotes purportedly by certain Western authors/philosophers etc. In each one of these quotes, they are stating how great Hindutva or Hinduism is and some even predicting that it will be the religion that the entire world will follow. The quotes also made it to mailing lists and one such copy dated 29th March 2017 is available here => bit.ly/2nyMS6t. A verbatim copy of the 9 quotes is as follows:

Have you ever read these Western philosophers

1. Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910)

“Hindus and Hindutva will one day rule the world, because this is a combination of knowledge and wisdom”.

2. Herbert Wells (1846 – 1946):

“Until the effectiveness of Hindutva is restored, how many generations will suffer atrocities and life will be cut off, then one day the entire world will be attracted to it, on that day there will be Dilshad and on that day the world will be inhabited.

3. Albert Einstein (1879-1955):

“I understand that through his intelligence and awareness he did that which the Jews could not do. In Hinduism it is the power that can lead to peace.”

4. Huston Smith (1919):

“The faith which is upon us and this is better than us in the world, then it is Hindutva. If we open our hearts and minds for it, then it will be good for us”.

5. Michael Nostradamus (1503 – 1566):

“Hindutva will become the ruler religion in Europe, but the famous city of Europe will become the Hindu capital”.

6. Bertrand Russell (1872 – 1970):

“I read Hinduism and realized that it is for the religion of all the world and all mankind.” Hindutva will spread throughout Europe and in Europe, big thinkers of Hinduism will emerge. One day it will come that Hindus will be the real stimulus of the world. “.

7. Gosta Lobon (1841 – 1931):

“Hindus speak of peace and reconciliation. I invite Christians to appreciate the faith of reform.”

8. Bernard Shaw (1856 – 1950):

“The entire world will accept Hindu religion one day and if it can not even accept the real name it will accept it by name only.” West will accept Hindutva one day and Hindu will be the religion of those who have studied in the world “.

9. Johann Geith (1749 – 1832):

“We all have to accept Hinduism now or later and this is the real religion. If I say no to Hindu, I will not feel bad, I accept this right thing.”

Even before we start exploring whether these quotes are genuine or not, here’s a funny coincidence. The above 9 eminent people also happened to say the same wonderful things about Islam and Islamic Sharia. A Facebook Page called Iqra posted the following Hindi Text in a Facebook Post dated Nov 18, 2015, an english translation of which is available in this forum post dated Dec 19, 2015 => bit.ly/2nOOAmg:

क्या आपने इन पश्चिमी philosophers को पढ़ा है:
1. लियो टॉल्स्टॉय (1828 -1910):
“इस्लामी शरीयत ही एक दिन दुनिया पर राज करेगी क्योंकि इसी में ज्ञान और बुद्धि का संयोजन है”।
2. हर्बर्ट वेल्स (1846 – 1946):
“इस्लाम का अनावरण फिर उगता होने तक कितनी पीढ़ियां अत्याचार और बदबख़्ती जीवन कट जाएगा तभी पूरी दुनिया उसकी ओर आकर्षित हो जाएगी और उसी दिन ही दिल शाद होंगे और उसी दिन दुनिया आबाद होगी सलाम हो उस दिन “।
3. अल्बर्ट आइंस्टीन (1879 – 1955):
“मैं समझता हूँ कि मुहम्मद ने अपनी बुद्धि और जागरूकता के माध्यम से वह किया जो यहूदी न कर सके, इस्लाम ही वह शक्ति है जिससे शांति स्थापित हो सकती है”।
4. हसटन स्मिथ (1919): “जो विश्वास पर हम इससे बेहतर कुछ भी दुनिया में है और वे इस्लाम है अगर हम अपना दिल और दिमाग इसके लिए खोलें तो उसमें हमारी भलाई होगी”।
5. माइकल नोस्टरीडाम (1503 – 1566):
“इस्लाम ही यूरोप में शासक धर्म बन जाएगा बल्कि यूरोप के प्रसिद्ध शहर इस्लाम साइडर राजधानी बन जाएगा”।
6. बर्टरांड रोसल (1872 – 1970): “मैंने इस्लाम को पढ़ा और जान लिया कि यह सारी दुनिया और सारी मानवता का धर्म बनने के लिए आया है, इस्लाम यूरोप में फैल जाएगा और यूरोप में इस्लाम के बड़े दाई सामने आएंगे एक दिन ऐसा आएगा कि इस्लाम ही दुनिया की वास्तविक उत्तेजना होगा “।
7. गोस्टा लोबोन (1841 – 1931):
“इस्लाम ही सुलह और सुधार की बात करता है सुधार ही विश्वास की सराहना में ईसाइयों को ही आमंत्रित किया हूँ”।
8.बरनार्डशो (1856 – 1950):
“सारी दुनिया एक दिन इस्लाम स्वीकार कर लेगी, अगर यह वास्तविक नाम स्वीकार नहीं भी कर ले रूपक नाम से ही स्वीकार कर लेगी, पश्चिम एक दिन इस्लाम स्वीकार कर लेगा और इस्लाम ही दुनिया में पढ़े लिखे लोगों का धर्म होगा “।
9. जोहान गीथ (1749 – 1832):
“हम सभी को अभी या बाद मे इस्लाम स्वीकार करना होगा यही असली धर्म है, मुझे कोई मुसलमान कहे तो मुझे बुरा नहीं लगेगा, मैं यह सही बात को स्वीकार करता हूँ कि इस्लाम माफ कमजोरी की वजह से नहीं रखता बल्कि मुसलमान अपने धर्म पर भरपूर विश्वास और अपने विश्वास के प्रतिबंध के कारण माफ करते हैं”।

1. Leo Tolstoy (1828 -1910):
“Islamic Sharia will one day rule the world because this is the combination of knowledge and wisdom”.
2. Herbert Wells (1846 – 1946):
“Islam Unveiled How many generations until then rises and tortured Bdbkhti life will be cut if the whole world will be attracted to her and would be married on the same day as the heart and saluting the same day will be the day that populate the world” .
3. Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955):
“I think that Muhammad was his intellect and awareness through which he could not Jewish, Islam is the only power which can be peace”.
4. Hstn Smith (1919): “We believe that Islam is nothing better in the world and if we open our hearts and minds to it, then it would be best for us”.
5. Michael Nostreedam (1503 – 1566):
“Islam is the religion will become the ruler of Europe, but Europe’s famous cider will become the capital city of Islam”.
6. Bertrand Rosl (1872 – 1970): “I read and realized that Islam is the religion of the whole world and all humanity has become, Islam will spread in Europe and Islam in Europe will one day that will come great babysitter Islam will be the only real excitement of the world “.
7. Gosta Lobon (1841 – 1931):
“Islam is a matter of improving the reconciliation and improvement’m invited Christians to appreciate the faith”.
8 Bernard Show (1856-1950):
“The whole world one day accept Islam will, if it takes real name not accept name will accept the metaphor, the West will one day accept Islam, and Islam will be the religion of educated people in the world “.
9. Johann Gith (1749 – 1832):
“We all have to accept sooner or later the real religion Islam, a Muslim says to me then I will not mind, I’ll admit it right that Islam sorry because of the weakness but Muslims do not believe in their religion and their faith due to restrictions on the bumper are sorry.

If we are to believe the above two passages, that would mean that Leo Tolstoy believes that both Hindutva and Islamic Sharia will one day rule the world. Quite an impossibility. In fact, Leo Tolstoy has authored a book called “What I believe” in 1884 in which he expresses his firm beliefs in Christianity. Thus, he couldn’t have been a proponent of either Hindutva or Islamic Sharia. Moreover, Leo Tolstoy died in 1910 and the word “Hindutva” was popularised by RSS ideologue Vinayak Damodar Savarkar in 1923 in a pamphlet titled “Essentials of Hindutva” which Savarkar had written while in imprisonment, a full 13 years after Leo Tolstoy died.

The above passages are handiwork of people who want to spread falsehood via whatever social medium they have access to so as to try and further a specific political/religious narrative. While WhatsApp is a powerful medium, please be very circumspect about what you believe.

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