As the country witnessed Bharat bandh announced by the Congress party to protest record fuel prices, a video went viral on social media, which showed a man holding a dead baby in his hand and expressing his anguish over losing his child. It has been claimed that due to the disruption of normal life as a result of the bandh, the child could not be saved as the ambulance could not arrive in time.

Among those who shared this video, calling it the outcome of the Bharat bandh was a Twitter user Modified Renu (@Renu_18), who is followed on the social media platform by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The video has been retweeted over 230 times so far.

Alternatively, the video has also been used by opponents of BJP to target the party. The tweet posted below has been retweeted close to 300 times.

The video along with the accompanying claim has also found its way on to Facebook.

Video not related to Bharat bandh

The incident in question occurred on September 7, 2018 and has nothing to do with Bharat bandh declared for September 10. According to a report by Lallantop, the video is from Sitamarhi in Bihar. Four year old Simran had succumbed to a snake bite on her finger, after no driver was available on duty to take her to Sadar hospital in Sitamarhi by an ambulance. Simran’s family hastily arranged a tempo to take her to the hospital but she could not be saved. Simran died on the way to the hospital.

Moreover, Alt News found that this video had been uploaded on September 9 by a Facebook user which claimed that the child had died due to a snake bite.

बिहार: सिताम्बर जिला, चैनपुर में एक छोटी बच्ची को साँप ने काटलिया असपताल ले जाने पर वह से एम्बुलेंस नही मिलने के karn बच्ची की मौत!!!💁‍♂
दुबकर मर जाओ देश चलाने वालों!!!!

Posted by Taufik Siddiki on Sunday, September 9, 2018

It may be noted that reports have emerged of a two-year old child who died in Jehanabad, Bihar after road blockade apparently stopped an ambulance on the way. However, this report is separate and not related to the social media claim presented in this article. Moreover, contradictory claims have emerged with regard to this report with district administration stating otherwise.

Using unrelated images and videos for politicking on social media is now an established practice, which was seen in this instance wherein an unrelated video of an incident that took place three days back was shared as the outcome of the Bharat bandh.

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