Amidst Russia’s ongoing military operations in Ukraine, a video of an explosion has been linked to the crisis. Viral claims suggest that the video shows Russia bombing Ukraine.

The video was picked up by Hindi news channel News24.

The same video was part of another News24 broadcast where it was again played as heavy “bombing” in Ukraine by Russia.

Old video from China

We broke down the viral video into keyframes and ran one of the stills through Google reverse image search. This led us to various news reports about a port explosion in China in 2015. We checked a news broadcast by CBS and noticed some similarities to the viral video.

Taking this broadcast as a clue, we performed a keyword search on YouTube and came across the full video on BBC News’s YouTube channel. The video was recorded by an American tourist named Dan Van Duren.

Hence, a video of an explosion in China in 2015 was part of News24’s broadcast of the Ukraine-Russia conflict. News24 has aired multiple instances of misinformation on the Ukraine crisis that can be read here and here.

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