Old video of vandalism by football fans in Switzerland revived as Muslims rioting in Sweden

A video that shows rioters attacking cars on a street has emerged on social media with the claim that it’s from Sweden. From the Twitter account @cbpunjabi, the clip has drawn 2,500 retweets and close to 50,000 views as of this writing. The video carries an emoji of a pig as a derogatory expression used for the Muslim community.

The end of August witnessed violent protests in Sweden after a copy of the Quran, the holy book of Islam, was burned in Malmo by members of the far-right Danish party Stram Kurs (Hard Line). Party leader Rasmus Paludan was earlier denied permission to attend a Quran-burning rally where he would hold a meeting on “Islamization in the Nordic countries”. Paludan is a hardliner who has also been convicted of promoting racism on YouTube, including videos where he wrapped the Quran in bacon and burned the holy book of Islam.

In the backdrop of anti-Islam protests in Sweden, the viral video has been shared to portray members of the Muslim community vandalising cars passing on the road.


ये स्वीडन ही है, कोई फ़िल्म नहीं! 👇👇

Posted by Vedprakash Kaju on Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Old video from Switzerland

This video was debunked by Alt News two years ago when it was shared with the false claim of rioting by Muslims during Ramzan in Birmingham, UK. We had found that the incident in question occurred not in the U.K but in Basel, Switzerland. Also, it has nothing to do with Islam or Muslims.

The vandalism on display was in relation to a football match between Basel and Lucerne football clubs and the violence took place on May 19, 2018, at Birsstrasse, Basel. According to reports, about 90 persons were involved in rioting and the police had arrested two people. Two others were injured in the clashes that took place. The incident was reported extensively by the media in Switzerland.

The same video was also shared with false claims of hooliganism in Brazil.

A two-year-old video was thus revived with the false claim of vandalism by Muslims in Sweden. The clip actually shows violence by football enthusiasts in Switzerland.

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