A video has been shared with the claim that a Muslim youth attempted to “trap” a Hindu girl in “love jihad”. The video shows two men filming the youth and preventing him from taking the girl on his motorcycle.


देखो ये जिहादी एक छोटी सी बच्ची को लव जिहाद कर अपने जाल में फंसा रहा है
क्या उम्र होगी इस छोटी सी बच्ची की ।।

Posted by Ajay Shukla on Monday, December 6, 2021

Facebook user ‘Hindu Jai Sen’ posted the footage with the same claim.


देखो यह मुल्ला इस बच्ची को बहला फुसला के लव जेहाद में फंसा रहा है, क्या उम्र होगी इस बच्ची की

Posted by हिन्दू जय सेन on Monday, December 6, 2021

Several Facebook and Twitter users shared the clip and accompanying claim.

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The video is staged

Alt News has recently debunked a string of similar videos which turned out to be fictional and scripted. This means that the incidents shown were dramatised but believed to be true. These videos are created for entertainment purposes and to raise awareness.

We performed a keyword search on Facebook, which led us to a December 21 post by user Deepika Singh where she has shared a longer version of the video in question.

स्कूल के नाम पे ये लड़की देखें कहाँ चली जाती हैं , माँ -बाप ध्यान जरूर रखें

स्कूल के नाम पे ये लड़की देखें कहाँ चली जाती हैं , माँ -बाप ध्यान जरूर रखें

Posted by Deepika Shah on Tuesday, December 21, 2021

A disclaimer appears at the 5:38 mark of this clip, stating that the video is fictional and meant for raising awareness.

We examined Deepika’s Facebook profile and discovered that she has shared numerous such scripted videos. Moreover, the girl who is acting in the video currently going viral also appears in some of the other clips. (Link 1, Link 2)

To sum it up, another scripted video was shared by social media users with a false anti-Muslim claim.

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