Viral: Photoshopped image of Times of India article on Modi and Xi

An image of a report published in Times of India is circulating on social media, the headline of which says ‘Modi, Xi will mate 6 times in 24 hours’ .The report has been filed from Wuhan, the location of the summit meeting between the two leaders.

It would take quite a leap of imagination for even the most gullible to believe what is stated in the headline is true. Perceived as a hilarious typographical error by Times of India, the image was shared widely on social media.

Much to the disappointment of peeps, not only are PM Modi and President Jinping not mating but the headline of the article is photoshopped. Consider the image posted below. Look at how the letters ‘t’ and ‘e’ in the word ‘mate’ are different from ‘t’ and ‘e’ in the word ‘times’. ‘t’ is longer and ‘e’ is bigger in the word ‘mate’.

Also, there is a visible change in texture around the word ‘mate’ when zoomed.

Times of India also put out a tweet clarifying that the image is photoshopped and that the headline of the article actually reads. ‘Modi, Xi will meet 6 times in 24 hours’.

This was also corroborated by some Twitter users who posted photographs of the article taken from the newspaper. After being informed that they’ve fallen for a photo-shopped image, many acknowledged their error of judgement.

The two leaders are scheduled to have a series of meetings on important global, regional and bilateral issues during the informal 2-day summit at Wuhan.

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