Zee News’s constant pandering to the BJP and Hindutva brand of politics is evident from the following they have developed on their Facebook Page. Former India pacer and skipper of Delhi Daredevils, Zaheer Khan, broke the news of his engagement with actress Sagarika Ghatge on his Twitter account yesterday. Many media houses covered this celebrity engagement. When Zee News posted a report of the engagement on their Facebook page, a barrage of angry comments followed.

Zee News posting about Zaheer Khan Sagarika Ghatge engagement

Followers of Zee News’s Facebook page branded the engagement as an act of ‘Love Jihad’. Love Jihad is the propaganda that BJP/RSS/VHP/Bajrang Dal have taken up in an aggressive manner, especially in the last 4-5 years, where in they repeatedly cast doubts whenever there’s an inter-religious marriage, especially if the woman is Hindu and the man is Muslim. This has even led to inter-religious couples beings harassed by goons of various right-wing groups. The present Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister from BJP, Yogi Adityanath, is one of the loudest proponents of the Love Jihad propaganda.

The comments that followed and gained the most amount of likes are shameful and truly shows the regressive mentality of people who follow Zee News on Facebook.

Love Zihad. Yeh chutiyoon ko hindu ladki shaadi karne par Saudi Aarab se petrol dollar rahne ko flat aur free main sheikh ka gaan chhatna aur latri saaf karne ko milta haiNow she will be called begum sagarika khan and will change her religion she will be force to forget all hindu traditions and festivals if her love is true then prove that with keep her original religion after marriageBhai ab aise hi chalta raha tou sahi nahin hoga Jago Hindu Jago and notice how muslims always go after beautiful fair skinned Hindu women. We need to outlaw interfaith marriage.its bloody tradition of bollywood again saying they are not our role models we are patriot hindus not traitorsLove Jihad of cunning Jihadi and stupid Hindu woman shame themaur ek hindu ladki name and fame me fass gai .. very badIska 3 talak hone k baad halala mein karunga .. yeh Hindu heanother love jihadMuslim ladkiya itni jabarjast ghati bekar or galiz dikhte hai ki unse koi shadi hi nahin karna chahtaEk or Hindu Ladki .. in mullo ke love Jehad ki shikarZaheer Khan tum Muslim ladki se kyo nahin shaadi kar rahe jo tumhare smaj mein bhi to ladki hogiaur ek love jihadDisgusting she shouldn't convert her surname after marriagesagarika ghatge se ab ameena begum ho jayegiAnother Hindu girl gonna be muslimShame on u stupid Hindu women

While a majority of the comments were of people from the Hindu community, there were a couple of prick comments from members of Muslim community as well. Here’s one of them.

I don't know why these muslim celebrities choose hindu girls ugly looking even normal muslim girl is far beautiful than her stop interreligious marriges hindu should marry hindu and muslim should marry muslim and only muslim girls are most beautiful in the whole world

And then there was this guy from Pakistan who was rejoicing.

Even though just a handful, thankfully, there were some sane voices as well.

People mostly talk about that love has no religion and here people are showing their true faces. hypocrite!!!All those who are criticizing & calling it love jihad are morons & have lost all the moral from their body. U bloody scumbags, they loved each other & got engaged. Zaheer is our national hero.

An act of love was branded as Love Jihad by many. With the sort of journalism Zee News continues to do, the mental make up of followers of Zee News is not likely to change anytime soon.

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