Fake news sites do not exist in a vacuum. They need an ecosystem around them that encourages and actively promotes them. Postcard News is one such site that has been in the forefront in spreading fake news. The website has been caught spreading fake videos to create communal discord. An Alt News article titled “Postcard news: Mass producing fake news” shared a partial list of nine such fake stories. One would think that after being called out repeatedly for unverified posts, people would exercise caution before they share stories from the portal. On the contrary we see that Postcard News articles are widely shared in the right-wing circles by many including BJP supporters, spokespersons and ministers. Let us look at some instances…

Fake News shared by BJP leaders and supporters

BJP leaders and supporters have repeatedly shared fake news published by Postcard news. In many instances these posts are not deleted even after they are called out as fake.

Case 1:

70 lakh Indian Army cannot defeat Azadi gang in Kashmir: Arundhati Roy’s statement to Pakistani newspaper!70 lakh Indian army cannot defeat Azadi gang in Kashmir: Arundhati Roy’s statement to Pakistani newspaper” claimed the headline of Postcard News even though Roy had made no such statement. This was a classic example of how a false story spread by such sites made it to national television before being debunked as fake. The fake news led to vicious attacks on Roy led by BJP MP Paresh Rawal.

The fake story has is still available on Postcard News website.It was shared by many BJP supporters including Priti Gandhi, National Executive member, BJP Mahila Morcha.

Case 2:

Fake news about a Gujarati businessman surrendering 6000 crores after demonetisation was shared by Vivek Agnihotri, with a comment “It is working”. The news was deleted by Postcard news after it was debunked and was a target of widespread ridicule.

Case 3:

Fake news about shameful ranking of Indian media by World Economic Forum was shared by many including Kiren Rijiju, Minister of State for Home Affairs

In what seems to be a case of confirmation bias, even spokesperson of AAP, Ashutosh and Pallavi Ghosh of CNN News18, fell for this fake news.

Case 4:

The recent fake news about unpaid electricity bills of Jama Masjid that was debunked by Alt news was shared by Sanjay Dixit, an IAS officer who is a staunch supporter of BJP.

Twitter users have noticed that Dixit regularly shares stories from this website often deleting a day later.

Stories regularly shared by BJP leaders

Postcard News articles are regularly shared by BJP leaders. On several occasions even ministers have shared these articles.

Shripad Naik, Union Minister of state for AYUSH shared an article titled “Sadguru shuts up journalists like never before for making stupid comment on Yoga.” The article talks of a “moron journalist” from Kerala who was “dumbstruck and looked like an idiot in front of Sadhguru”.

The minister has shared several other articles as well. (1 & 2)

Others who have shared Postcard news articles include Piyush Goyal, Prakash Javadekar, Rajeev Chandrashekhar

Om Prakash Mathur, Rajya Sabha MP and National Vice President of BJP, H Raja, National Secretary of BJP and Tajinder Bagga, Spokesperson for BJP Delhi have all shared Postcard News

Stories shared by Official government handles

An article that claimed to be a “A mindblowing analysis” on ancient India was shared by the Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME)

Grameen Vidyutikaran, an official Government of India handle hanlding rural electrification also shared an article from the website.

Support for Postcard news goes beyond BJP leaders sharing its stories. Mahesh Hegde, who is one of the founders of Postcard news is followed by PM Modi on Twitter. Vivek Shetty and Ankita Rajvardhan, the other two founders are followed by other Union Ministers such as Piyush Goyal on Twitter. With such a strong support system, it is not surprising therefore that fake news continues to flourish on social media.

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Here’s something that’s missing in the above article. Post Card News is run by BJP IT Cell Karnataka! Their English is horrible because most of the writers are from Karnataka. BJP should donate some money to team post card so that they can find a good English tutor for their writers. Read some of the articles written by Aishwariya ShivShankar Uttapa and
decide yourself.


I was looking forward to an intelligent article about how ecosystems around fake news are shaped and how they can be prevented. But all I got was a Postcard news hate article with right-wing bashing, with not even a semblance of reasonableness. If that was the objective you should’ve titled your article as such. Pathetic quality of article and total time waste!

Raj Baral
Certainly it is very clear that most of the fake news propagator are belong to ruling establishment and they are doing such things deliberately and intentionally. Now question arises that what is their main intention behind it. Modi ji, before making Cashless Society first you try to make Fakeless Society, otherwise your Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas will turned into Fake ka Sath Fake ka Vikas, Make in India will turned into Fake in India, Jan Dhan Yojna will turned into Fake Dhan Yojna, GST will turned into FST (Fake Service Tax) and your Swachch Bharat Abhiyan will turned into Fake… Read more »
Rakesh Agrawal

As most RSS/BJP netas are morally and intellectually bankrupt and can’t indulge in any serious debate and discussion on any imp issue, they restore to fake news as it is designed to create an atmosphere of hate and distress in this country and has threatened the composite, plural and all-accepting culture of India as never before. We must be aware of this ill-design.


How are you flourishing? What is your source?

Kaushik Banerjee

You are just saying all the above news articles are fake. It would be better if you have given alternative proofs and explained why those news are fake.

Bharata Dravida

It’s horrible that official government departments falling to such fake news site
We are moving to a nation of mobs , troll Army and jingoistic pride than rational and humane approach


Can you please throw some light on postcard news’s report on the rohingyas refugees producing 10 to 12 childs each to change the demography of india? It seems to be exaggerated report or may be fake news.

Valar Morghulis

These AltNews nincompoops straightaway started hitting at a site named PostCard, maintaining utter silence on previously existed 1000 more fake news websites. Oh wait! they were funded by Congress or AAP. So they are “military grade vetted”.

Take a walk of shame, morons.

Ankur Singh

This is a FAKE NEWS party rule. Seriously disgusting. The shameless wys in which they are tryign to fool the public


Come-on who is saying that, if it is against Congress and against Pakistan it is called Fake and Hate news. Who you want to glorify in the news. You dumb


This is a classic case of somebody pointing fingers at others without even wanting to introspect. These guys are real fake and need much cleansing before they can judge other sites. These guys are fully funded by fake leaders and buddhus. Nationalists, don’t even donate a rupee to these fekus !!!