On the same day Srinivas Kuchibhotla was shot and killed in a racial crime in Kansas, a woman of Indian origin, Ekta Desai, was verbally abused on a New York train and was asked to “Go back to your country.” Ekta Desai jotted down the following on her Facebook account along with a video of the man who verbally abused her:

So this is something that happened while I was on my way from work today!!
This man was on the same PATH train as me along with 100 other passengers, I had my headphones on and was like any other day. Next thing I know he is yelling on my face (Did not bother to listen/ react). Knowing its pointless I step away, next target alongside an asian lady! From Christoher St- till Newport the things this man said, from “asian piece of shit to I will F¥*€k you all right here to get your F¥*€k!%g ^$$es back to your country etc etc etc” (putting it in the best words here) he went on relentlessly!! When we decided to take action against the abuse/threats, this is how it went!! So who exactly is taking up his job!!?? 😑

P.S: not sure the cops found him or even took any action, though they showed up 15 mins after all this drama and he walked away with his friends! And people need to grow some balls

The video Ekta Desai posted on her Facebook account can be seen below:

A person of Indian origin, Ekta Desai, was verbally abused on a New York train and asked to 'Go back to your country'.

Posted by Alt News on Thursday, March 2, 2017

As it happens, Ekta Desai is also a fan of PM Modi based on this public post on her Facebook account on May 16, 2014.

Ekta Desai verbal assault subway newyork modi fan

While it is extremely sad that Indians in the US are facing racial attacks ever since Donald Trump won his Presidential election based on a campaign filled with hate and bigotry, it is also time for many NRIs who extended their support to PM Modi to reflect upon their choice as to how they endorsed a man who won the elections in India the same way that Mr Donald Trump did – from riots in Muzzafarnagar to campaigns of ‘Love Jihad’ and ‘Ghar Wapsi’. In UP elections, BJP continues to pursue a communal agenda even today.

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