A video of a rally featuring protestors chanting slogans, purportedly a demonstration held by Muslims in Kerala against the Sangh Parivar, is being circulated widely on social media. Several users are warning that this mob is potentially dangerous. Twitter user ‘@DextrousNinja’ posted the video with the same claim. It received more than 2,800 views as of this writing. (Archive link)

Facebook user Gokul Choudhary also promoted the video and accompanying claim. (Archive link)


केरल में संघ परिवार के विरुद्ध मुसलमानों की रैली और हम रोते पेट्रोल पे अरे हिन्दु बचेगे तो कुछ खरिदोगे मंहगाई तो बढ़ेगी घटेगी पहले अपना परिवार और आने वाली पीढ़ी अपने को कोसे नहीं हमारे पूर्वज इतने निकम्मे थे जो कुछ भी नहीं कर पाय यह भीड़ अपनें आनें वाले समय में घातक हो सकतीं हैं

Posted by Gokul Choudhary on Wednesday, November 10, 2021

The clip is widespread on Facebook and Twitter with the same message. It has also made its way to WhatsApp and YouTube.

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Alt News had already verified this video earlier in November when it was being circulated as scenes from a rally held in protest of the wave of violence in Tripura.

On January 3, 2020, Mannarkkad Live uploaded a video report featuring scenes from the viral clip. According to the report, the visuals showed protestors in Mannarkkad participating in an anti-CAA demonstration.

The similarities between the viral video and the footage in the media report are shown below.

Another media outlet also covered the rally in a video report.

In sum, a video of an old anti-CAA rally in Kerala is being shared as recent with various different false claims.

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