5 ‘peaceful’ involved in Fatehpur Sikri #swisscouple attack incident are arrested. They are Sheikh Chisty Trust Goons.“, tweeted Prashant Patel Umrao. Every time the Government is embarrassed due to certain events in the country, there are these usual suspects on social media who would manufacture a narrative to divert the attention of people from issues of misgovernance. As part of this strategy, one of the standard ploys is to suggest that members of the minority community are responsible for various wrong-doings. The attack on a Swiss Couple at Fatehpur Sikri in the district of Agra in Uttar Pradesh has led to much embarrassment for the Government and the tactics by rumour mongers on social media is following a set pattern.

Prashant Patel

Prashant Patel Umrao is a serial fake news purveyor and Alt News has documented his misadventures multiple times. (1, 2, 3, 4 & 5)

Another anonymous troll account called ’72hoors’ also tweeted along the same lines as Prashant Umrao Patel and got retweeted a fair few times.

72hoors hoor-e-sagarika

Fake News website Dainik Bharat carried Prashant Patel’s tweets and made it into a story titled, “योगी को बदनाम करने के लिए किया गया स्विस कपल पर हमला, जिहादी संगठन का नाम आगे आया (Translation: Swiss couple attacked in order to defame Yogiji, Jihadi organisation suspected)“.

After the initial rumour-mongering on social media, there was increased interest in social media among the right-wing commentators as to what the names of the accused were. This included Tathagata Roy who is the Governor of Tripura.

While the rumour-mongers were trying to paint a certain community in poor light for the horrible attack on the Swiss couple, the names of the people that have been arrested do not suggest that any particular community can be blamed for the attack. A Times of India report regarding the arrests made in this case states, “The three minor accused have been sent to a juvenile home, the two adults, Pankaj and Rahul, are in judicial remand of 14 days“. Local newspapers and TV channels have carried the names and photographs of all the accused. Since the other three accused are minors, Alt News is not reproducing them in this article.

In such cases of crimes, attempts to paint any particular religious community is detrimental to the cause of law and justice. These crimes are not propagated due to a certain religious ideology. It is indeed shocking that rabid rumour mongers such as Prashant Patel Umrao are practising lawyers and are part of the legal justice system of this country.

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Rakesh Agrawal

If they are ‘peaceful’ attackers, God save this country! India with terrific seas, mountains, deserts and lakes gets a minuscule (about 1.2%) world’s tourists, but it forms 9.6% of the nation’s GDP in 2016. Events like this will deter many tourists who love to visit the poetry crafted in marble, the world known as the Taj and events like these, supported because of the atmosphere of distrusts and hate created in UP by hindutavadis, will further boost it!

Controversies started with burryal of facts, for self popagandas and achievement of power. Hindus are by any standard highly tolerant, because of which their population is decreasing years after years. Hinduthva is a principle associated with Hindu walk of life and nowhere there was hate preached . It is a theoritical expression of love and discipline and with your shallow knowledge and prejudice please do not critise Hindus and Hinduthva. Have you been associated with muslims and their walk of life, thoughts marriage.? Did you even read the tenure of Moguls and their utmost hatred of Hindus and great passion… Read more »
Raj Baral

Criminals mind set in Fatehpur Sikri attacked Swiss couple.

Fake News Propagators contributions in India’s progress = Nil

Fake News propagators contribution in shaming India = 100%


The criminals have no religion. criminals are criminals. Unfortunately the honourable governor of Tirupura, was also raising the same question as Prashant P and others. It is the most worrying factor, as governors are holding constitutional position and they should avoid such tweets.

Pritam Surti

Prashant Patel is dangerously notorious with criminal mind. Anti-national too.


oops! as usual altnews after petty fakenews.
it has no time to write abt RadioMirchi blatant propaganda.