In a video that is viral on social media, BJP MP Manoj Tiwari can be seen insulting a teacher in a public program in front of everyone when she requested him to sing a song. He forced her to get down from the stage while asking her if she even ‘knows how to speak to an MP’ and asked for an inquiry to be set up into the conduct of the teacher.

The rough English translation is as follows:

Is this what you should talk about? Is this a Government program or a Drama? This has been reduced to a joke. Do you even know how to speak to an MP? Are these your manners? Is this a program meant to sing songs? Do you even know what is happening here? 2 crores worth of CCTVs are being installed and look at what you’re talking about. Get down from the stage and sit down there with the audience. Do an enquiry into her conduct. She shouldn’t be able to get away with this. She doesn’t even know how to speak to an MP, how is she going to speak to the students? Get down from the stage and sit down there in the audience.

While not many adjectives are required to describe Manoj Tiwari’s despicable conduct, but what is also astounding is his hypocrisy. Here’s a man who sings at every given opportunity, from public rallies to private functions, and yet he has the audacity to insult a teacher because of a simple request to sing a song? Just a couple of months ago, a video of Manoj Tiwari went viral on social media with him boasting in front of other leaders of BJP as to how he came up with a song on the fly when he had visited an ATM and people were angry about standing in long lines. BJP leaders around him burst into laughter while Manoj Tiwari went onto explain how he shut up people by calling them “Desh Bhakt”.


While BJP MP Manoj Tiwari mocks people standing in bank queues, other BJP leaders around him laugh out loud. Truly a spineless party.

Posted by Pratik Sinha on Tuesday, January 3, 2017


In fact, Youtube is filled with videos of Manoj Tiwari singing at public functions and political rallies. Then why is that the BJP MP blew his top off when a teacher politely requested him to sing? Even if he did not wish to, why did he have to insult a teacher in front of her own students? Here are a few examples of Manoj Tiwari’s singing talent.

After the video of Manoj Tiwari insulting the teacher went viral, there was a lot of outrage from all quarters including many supporters of BJP. Meanwhile, a teacher posted a video in protest of Manoj Tiwari’s behaviour, pledging that the teacher community will teach Manoj Tiwari a lesson.


Will BJP take action against this repeatedly erring MP of theirs?

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