As COVID cases surge in several countries, social media users have shared a 10-second TikTok clip that shows a man inside a body bag, placed on a truck filled with more body bags, smoking a cigarette. “Before beginning the drama of COVID deaths in the media, a dead body smokes a cigarette,” says the viral message adding that the coronavirus pandemic is a conspiracy hatched by the Jews and Eurasians.

(Translated from: कोरोना वायरस की तबाही लाशों को ठिकाने लगाने और मिडिया में पैश करने का ड्रामा शुरू करने से पहले एक लाश सिगरेट पीते हुए ! याद रखना कोरोना यहुदी और युरेशियन लोगो की एक बहोत बड़ी वैश्विक साजिश है !)

Twitter user @FalahiMuhammed posted the video, garnering over 2,500 views. Several Twitter users have made similar posts.

Several Facebook users also posted this video including Firoz Malek who shared it on a pro-Congress group (I m back Congress………group) with over 90,000 members.

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This video was first uploaded by Twitter user @denisdriver3. It has been retweeted over 11,000 times.


While rummaging the replies to the viral tweet by @denisdriver3, we noticed @deGourlay wrote, “1500 RTs for a blatant lie using an old Russian Music video by rapper Хаски [HUSKY]. There are a lot of gullible idiots on Twitter.”

We compared the viral video with the music video of the song ‘Never end’ (Никогда-нибуд) by Russian rap artist Husky who is known for mocking the government and talking about police brutality in his songs. The similarities are given below.

  1. Yellow: Identical wall
  2. Blue: Black bags
  3. Purple: Organe truck

The complete music video can be watched below. The part with the truck starts at around 2:15 minutes. [Warning: The video is graphic and may be disturbing for some viewers.]

Last year in September Russia-based Ren TV reported that the location where the scene was shot is Shchepkina Street in Moscow. Mikhail Marizov, the video producer, told RenTV that the body bags were filled with mannequins.

The report added that this is not the first time Husky’s performance raised controversy. In 2018, similar props scared passers-by who called the police. That same year, The Guardian reported that Husky was sentenced to 12 days in jail on charges of hooliganism after he performed on top of a car.

This was earlier fact-checked by Hoax Eye and AFP.

A TikTik clip of Russian-rapper Husky’s music video being filmed has been circulating on social to claim that COVID is a conspiracy theory.

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