A video of Aam Aadmi Party leader and Delhi Deputy Chief Minister, Manish Sisodia, has gone viral on social media. He can be heard saying in the video that AAP conducted a survey two weeks ago in which three questions were asked to the public. The first question was, which party causes “hooliganism and riots” in the country, to which 91% of the people answered “Aam Aadmi Party”. The second question was, which party has the most “goons, loafers, and illiterate people”, to which 89% of the people said “Aam Aadmi Party”. The third question asked to the public was which party has the “most decent, educated and honest” people, to which 73% of the people responded by saying “Bhartiya Janata Party”.

Twitter user Shwetank tweeted the video and wrote, “What was this? Such a big mistake?”. BJP Delhi spokesperson Nighat Abbas retweeted Shwetank’s tweet, writing, “Sisodia Ji spoke the truth for the first time”. (archive link)

Bhartiya Janata Yuva Morcha Delhi spokesperson Gaurav Verma tweeted the video, writing that Manish Sisodia has spoken the truth for the first time. (Archive link)

Rashtriya Yogi Sena state minister Jitendra Singh mocked Sisodia and wrote that he was “inebriated”. (Archive link)

Another user tweeted the video, writing that Manish Sisodia is stating facts that Kejriwal doesn’t allow him to state otherwise. (Archive link)

This video has become viral on Facebook and Twitter with the same claim.


Upon carefully watching the video, we noticed several jump-cuts and a watermark that says “#funcut”. We conducted some keyword searches on Twitter to gather information relating to the topic. We found a tweet from May 4 by Manish Sisodia related to a survey conducted in Delhi. All survey-related information was given in this tweet. A video of Sisodia’s live press conference was included in the tweet as well. Listening to the video in its entirety, we found that the viral video has been edited. In fact, Sisodia had quoted the survey during the press conference and said that 91% of the people described BJP as a party “spreading riots and hooliganism”, 89% of the people believed that most “goons and illiterate” people are in BJP and 73% of the people described the Aam Aadmi Party as a party of “decent and educated” people.

We also found that the video was live-streamed on May 4 on AAP’s YouTube channel. The part used in the viral video comes after 1 minute and 19 seconds.

The viral video was edited to show Manish Sisodia saying ‘Bhartiya Janata Party’ where he actually said ‘Aam Aadmi Party’ and vice-versa. He did not state that a survey conducted in Delhi found that most people regard AAP as a part of “goons” and BJP comprises of “decent” people.

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Abhishek is a journalist at Alt News.