Ministry of Finance misleads – Equates decrease in inflation to decrease in prices

The Ministry of Finance would like us to believe that Inflation Data shows a steady decline in general prices. To do so, they have tweeted a chart that shows consumer price inflation percentage from 2005 till Oct 2017. The tweet is factually incorrec...

Was it really CPM cyber warriors who trolled Australian cricketer Tom Moody after an upgrade in Moody’s India ratings?

Australian cricketer Tom Moody was trending on twitter this Sunday. Reason was articles by Times of India  and The News Minute saying that CPM comrades started bombarding former Australian cricketer's Facebook page with obscenities, confusing him wit...

Gold trader says that he’ll be forced to vote for other parties because of Arun Jaitley’s policies

Mr Vimal Kanswa, who claims to be a gold trader and lives in Mumbai, has written a letter to PMO India's Facebook page complaining about the decisions of the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. He claims that in the hurry to increase tax collections, FM i...
senior citizen interest rates ppf fd

Open letter from a Senior Citizen to PM Modi – Please spare us from reduced interest rates on FD

Mr Sampath Ramambhadran from Bangalore has written a long open letter to PM Modi detailing the pain of reduced interest rates on fixed deposits and PPF for senior citizens. At the end of his open letter, he has a few suggestions for Mr Modi.Here's...

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