Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vjayan unleashed a scorching attack on the Sangh Parivar in Mangaluru on Saturday at an event to promote communal harmony. The event was held amid threats from the BJP-RSS-VHP that it will stop him from attending the programme. In his speech, he ripped apart the Sangh pointing at its history of licking the British feet and of worshipping the Nazis. The speech has garnered much praise for the CM from outside the state and even from Congress supporters in the state.

“I have this to say to the RSS and to [the other communal forces] who challenged me. I, Pinarayi Vijayan, did not drop down from the heavens one fine day into the chair of the Chief Minister. I am not a person who doesn’t know you – the RSS – directly. My political activism until now has proceeded by seeing and knowing you closely. Right now I travel in the midst of the protection of the weapons of the police. But there was also a time after I completed my studies at Brennen College, Thalassery and started working outside. If the new RSS men do not know about those times, they should ask the old RSS men. Then, I had walked amidst the knives you had drawn out and amidst the swords you held up. When you couldn’t do anything to me during those times, what do you think you are going to do to me today?,” he asked, amid loud cheers from the crowd which had gathered in large numbers.

Mr.Vijayan had a few weeks back cancelled a visit to Madhya Pradesh, following threats from Sangh organisations to stop him. Referring to that episode, he said – “You [the RSS] have been gloating about having managed to stop my journey to Madhya Pradesh. As a serving Chief Minister, when I go to another state, it is basic courtesy that I accept some things that the government of that State tells me. That government said that I should not go there, and I accepted it. But if Pinarayi Vijayan was not a Chief Minister, not even Indra (the king of gods in the Hindu pantheon) or Chandra (moon) would have stopped him.”

Viajayan, who started his speech thanking Karnataka government for taking all the precaution for his safety amid threats from various right-wing organisations, alleged that several media houses are functioning to promote the interests of big corporates.

The CM also launched into a long tirade against the RSS, based on their history of taking inspiration from the Nazis.

“RSS was inspired by Mussolini’s fascist movement. The founder member of RSS himself went to meet Mussolini. When Hitler destroyed the minorities of Germany, RSS was one of the organisations which praised the actions of Nazis. Golwalkar praised the anti-semitic policies of the Nazi party. RSS wants to implement Nazi policies in India. Muslims, Dalits and Communists are their prime targets. Every riot organised by RSS has a similar pattern – spew venom and divide the society. The RSS mouthpiece had on 17 June, 1947 published an article demanding that the Bhagwa Dhwaj be adopted as the National flag,” he said.

He said that the RSS has always been against the idea of secular India.

“Sree Narayana Guru played a huge role in creating a secular mindset in Kerala and Karnataka society. RSS wants to destroy it,” he said.

He praised the Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah for providing adequate security and ensuring the smooth conduct of the programme. Though RSS leaders in Kerala claimed that they will not let Kerala chief minister to address the meeting and Sangh parivar organisations even called for a hartal, thousands of people attended the rally and procession preceded it.

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