A screenshot of an alleged graphic plate of ABP News claiming that Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said, “My ancestors were Muslims and I am a Muslim,” (मेरे पूर्वज मुस्लिम थे मैं मुसलमान हू) is circulating on social media.

Earlier this year, three more quotes apart from the one currently viral were also attributed to Gandhi.

`. “When our government is formed, we will give Rs 5,000 crore loan to Pakistan without any interest.” (हमारी सरकार बनते ही पाकिस्तान को 5 हजार करोड़ कर्ज देंगे बिना ब्याज 50 साल के लिए.)

2. “Congress belongs to Muslims and will remain theirs.” (कोंग्रेस मुस्लिमों की है और उनकी ही रहेगी.)

3. “It is necessary to provide help to Pakistan and we will surely do this.” (पाकिस्तान की मदद करना जरूरी है और हम यह जरूर करेंगे.)

These statements shown to be aired by ABP News have been circulating the past few years (1, 2, 3, 4).

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Fake quotes

ABP News had debunked the fake graphic plates circulating in the channel’s name in 2018.

That the graphic plates are fake is also revealed when they are compared with a genuine ABP News breaking news graphic plate. The font on the viral image does not match the one on the genuine graphic plate. We were unable to find any media organisation carrying reports that said Rahul Gandhi made these statements.

It is also noteworthy that ABP News recently changed its template and channel logo, and the ones viral have used the old format. Part

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Alt News had debunked another fake graphic shared in the name of ABP News which portrayed Rahul Gandhi saying that Congress wants India to be an Islamic country.

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