On April 1st, unknown assailants killed Abu Syed & seriously injured Md Ali, two men who were wanted for the murder of Awami League leader Monir Hossain Sarkar. This incident happened in Titas subdivision of Coomilla district in Bangladesh. The issue was also covered by the local news website called Coomilla-r-Kagoj which translates to “Coomilla’s Newspaper”.

The video of the incident was uploaded by a Bangladeshi resident to Youtube on April 2nd.

This video is now being circulated by the right-wingers as a Hindu being killed in West Bengal by Muslims. At the time of writing, a cock and bull post by one Ghanshyam Jangid has been already shared over 37000 times on Facebook. This same video is also viral as a Hindu killed in Nawada, Bihar, and we wrote about this yesterday.

Video from Bangladesh shared as Hindu being killed by Muslims in Rajasthan

वाह री गन्दी मीडिया : राजस्थान में मुस्लिम मारा तो “हिन्दू आतंकवाद”, पश्चिम बंगाल में हिन्दू मरा तो “खबर भी नहीं”
इस वीडियो को कोई मीडिया नहीं दिखाएगी…ना ही काँग्रेस विपक्ष संसद सड़क पर हंगामा करेंगे..
40 गायों को काटने के लिए ले जाते गौ हत्यारे की हत्या पर संसद में कांग्रेसी और विपक्ष के सभी सांसद छाती
कूट रहे हैं …उनके लिए यह देश खतरे में पड़ गया है,,
अगर इस देश में गौ हत्या निषेध कानून लागू है फिर भी गाय काट रहे हैं और यदि हिंदू भड़क कर उन्हें मार रहे हैं तो इसमें हिंदुओं का ज्यादा दोष है या उन का जो संविधान और हिन्दू भावनाओ के खिलाफ काम कर रहे है?? क्यों किसी की धार्मिक भावनाओं को तुम भड़काते हो
चुपचाप हिजड़ों की तरह खामोशी से बैठे रहें,

English translation:


Hail the unjust media: If a Muslim is killed in Rajasthan, it is “Hindu terrorism”, if a Hindu is killed in West Bengal, it is not even covered?
No media channel will show this video.. neither will the Congress party in opposition come on the roads to protest this.
For the murder of those men who were carrying 40 cows for the purpose of slaughtering, Congress and other opposition MPs went to the town chest beating..Based on this incident, they declared that the National integrity is in danger..
In this country where cow slaughter is declared illegal, and even then cows are being cut, then if Hindus get enraged and kill the people who are slaughtering cows then should the Hindus be blamed for this or should those people be blamed who are being unconstitutional and are hurting Hindu sentiments? What is the need to incite our religious feelings?

Continue your silence and keep acting like a Hijra (transgender)..

This post is referring to the mob lynching of 55-year-old Pehlu Khan in Alwar by Gau Rakshaks. The post lies blatantly about 40 cows being transported for the sake of slaughter. As reported by Huffington Post, Pehlu Khan was a dairy farmer who had made a last minute decision of buying a milch cow instead of a milch buffalo at a cattle fair because the cow produced more milk and they had a valid receipt for the purchase of the cow. Other dairy farmers in Pehlu Khan’s village Jaisinghpur confirmed that he indeed used to sell milk for a living.

What is happening here is that to cover up the ghastly murder of Pehlu Khan in Alwar, the right-wingers are not only propagating complete falsehoods regarding the incident itself, they also want to justify the murder of Pehlu Khan by showing a fake video of a Hindu being killed in West Bengal and cry wolf as to how no one is talking about it. The video that was shared by Ghanshyam Jangid was downloaded by many others on social media and shared again via their individual social media accounts and pages with the identical text thus resulting in lakhs of views.

This was also carried by right-wing websites like Hindutva.info thus resulting in many more shares. We have reported how Hindutva.info routinely carries such fake videos like the Mexican video which was portrayed as RSS workers being killed in Kerala.

Hindutva.info fake news Hindu killed in West Bengal

Kindly report this post on Facebook before this causes yet another riot due to a fake video. The link to the post is => https://www.facebook.com/ghanshyam.jangid.7965/posts/755106178000364.

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