An undated video is currently viral on social media which shows a mangled bike lying in front of a car and a man with a saffron stole trying to fix the bumper of the car which is hanging loose. “Hindu Yuva Vahini” is written in bold paint on the top of the windshield, Hindu Yuva Vahini being the hardliner Hindu organisation founded by the present Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath.

When the unknown man shooting the video queries the crowd as to where the biker is, one man on a bike states that he’s lying on the previous crossroads. Meanwhile, the driver of the car calmly gets back into the car and drives over the mangled bike once again as he vanishes into the traffic. This video seems to have been first posted on Facebook on a page called SIN.

license plate of the car

The license plate of the car is “UP 16 BL 2333”. We looked up the license number in the RTO Vehicle Information application available on Android which gathers vehicle information from Government records. The app suggests that the car belongs to Lalit Singh Chauhan and the registration date of the car is 1st February 2017.

We cross checked the information on Government’s and it shows the same Chassis number as returned by the Android app thus indicating that the information provided by the app in all probabilities is genuine.

We also looked up the license plate of the victim’s bike (DL 11 SE 3593) in the same Android application. According to the app, the vehicle belongs to Home Core Lifestyle and has been registered on 14th March 2013. The storage space on the back of the bike suggests that the victim could be a person who does home deliveries and the bike belonged to some company.

We cross-checked this information on and the Chassis number again matches with the information provided by the Android app.

Considering that the registration date of the Tata Safari Storme is 1st February 2017, this video can’t be very old since the car itself is brand new. On the back of the car is a label which suggests that the owner of the car is the General Secretary of the Noida Chapter of Hindu Yuva Manch.

Here’s a close-up of the label on the back of the car.

close up of General secretary noida hindu yuva manch

In the latter part of the video, the crowd that is gathered indicated again that the location where the video of the car was being shot is several metres beyond the site of the actual accident where the biker is purportedly lying. One can also see how power drunk the person driving the car is by the way he deliberately drives over the mangled bike once again while driving away from the scene of crime.

I have immense confidence that this new team will leave no stone unturned in making UP Uttam Pradesh. There will be record development.

Modiji had said that Yogi Adityanath will make UP into Uttam Pradesh. How is it ever going to be ‘Uttam’ with a cadre like this?

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