Allegations of corruption in the 2024 National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test-Undergraduate (NEET-UG) have been making headlines since May. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) took over the investigations into the alleged irregularities in June and has since made several arrests.

In this context, Premium subscribed X (formerly Twitter) user and Right-wing troll Raushan Sinha (@MrSinha_) shared a tweet on June 29 that said: “In NEET UG paper leak case, arrests made by CBI so far :
-Md Jamaluddin who was working for Prabhat Khabar
-Dr Ehsanul Haq, Principal Oasis school
-Imtiaz Alam, Vice Principal Oasis school

A few more such arrests and see how the opposition stops talking about this issue….!!” (Archive)

The user implied that since those arrested were from the Muslim community, the Opposition would no longer address the issue.

Raushan Sinha peddles pro-BJP propaganda and misinformation, particularly targetting Muslims, regularly on social media.

Several other users on X tweeted the same. Below are a few instances.

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Fact Check

Alt News reported on June 21 that the Bihar and Gujarat police had arrested several individuals in connection with paper leak cases in their respective states. The list of arrested persons at that point did not include anyone from the Muslim community.

The first arrests by the CBI were made on June 27. Since then, the CBI has arrested more than 30 people, including several students and their family members. An Indian Express report dated July 1 listed the names of those who have been arrested so far. While the list includes the names mentioned by @MrSinha_, it also features at least 15 names accused who are non-Muslims, for example, Manish Prakash and Ashutosh Kumar from Patna, Purushottam Sharma and Tushar Bhatt from Godhra, Baldev Kumar from Bihar Sharif, Parshuram ROy from Vadodara and others. The report also highlights that an individual named Sanjeev Mukhiya is believed to be the mastermind behind the paper leak case in Bihar.

Below are the non-Muslim names that the Indian Express report mentioned.

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The Times Of India also published the list of arrested in the NEET fraud case. This included those who were arrested by the CBI.

The individuals mentioned in the concerned tweets — Dr. Ehsanul Haq, Imtiaz Alam, and Md Jamaluddin — were arrested on June 28 and 29. By June 21, the Bihar police had already arrested 13 individuals, and the Gujarat police had arrested five in relation to paper leak cases in their respective states, all of whom were later transferred to CBI custody.

To sum up, several social media users mentioned three Muslim names selectively in connection with the NEET arrests made by law enforcement agencies. More than 30 people have been arrested so far in the case. A majority of them are non-Muslims.

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