Serial faker and communal rabble rouser ShankhNaad has once again resorted to vile mischief in order to spread communal hatred and prejudice. It tweeted that no one raised a hue and cry when a police officer in uniform openly promoted the Quran at an event launched by an Islamic organisation.

By juxtaposing this event to the reaction over a pledge taken by a police officer for a Ram temple at Ayodhya, ShankhNaad tried to portray institutional prejudice against

Mengde had attended the event which marked the launch of the Marathi version of the Quran.

Contrary to what ShankhNaad tried to portray, the event had stressed on religious harmony, unity and brotherhood. The event was attended by Hindu spiritual leader Swami Lakshmi Shankaracharya, among others.

Mengde who spoke at the event had said, “Mujhe khushi ho rahi hai ki jo karyakram aap kar rahe hain, woh hamara hi karyakram hai, jo hum chahte hain ki saare desh mein duniya mein different religions ki ekvakyata rahe, sare religions mil jul ke rahein kyu ki hum sab ek hi uparwale ke den hain” (I am happy that the programme that you have adopted is similar to what we are trying to do, that different religions are united in the country and the world, and that all faiths live unitedly because we are all the creation of the same God). Posted below is the video of the event.

ShankhNaad sought to draw a false equivalence by comparing the event of the book launch to the recent pledge by DG Home Guard, U.P to build a Ram temple at Ayodhya and the uproar that followed. Surya Shukla’s assertion for a temple was roundly criticised since the matter is sub-judice and sensitive. It was also condemned for the fact that a senior ranking police officer in his professional capacity was seen to be canvassing for what is widely perceived to be a political cause.

The Indian Police Service (IPS) Association had distanced itself from Shukla’s act, calling it a violation of neutrality and fairness that is expected of a police officer.

Shankhnaad also tried to malign the organisation Salaam center claiming it to be a ‘Jihadi’ organisation. As it turns out, this organisation is frequented by many politicians and celebrities of all hues. The following screengrab shows both the former BJP Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa and former Indian cricketer and captain Rahul Dravid visiting Salaam center.

Although the occasion was marked by the acknowledgement of the need to further the cause of inter-faith harmony, communal elements like ShankhNaad have been working overtime to fan the flames of hate, pulling out old videos, taking them out of context, branding them with provocative captions and circulating them on social media. Alt News had earlier done a detailed exposé on ShankhNaad for spreading communal hatred. Here, an image was pulled out from an event and twisted by giving a provocative title with the intention of reinforcing communal prejudices.

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